An active lifestyle is a way to stay fit and keep feeling young

To remain stamina and health, Greg turned to his love for bicycling in the Colorado Rockies.

If BoomerCafé is all about baby boomers’ active lifestyles, you probably can’t get much more active than one leading-edge boomer, our own co-founder and executive editor Greg Dobbs. He isn’t just active for the sake of it; for him, it’s the only way to stay young.

Contrasting emergency healthcare in Europe versus in the U.S.

Greg Dobbs while hosting television coverage of a NASA Shuttle launch.

BoomerCafé Co-Founder and Executive Editor Greg Dobbs, himself a baby boomer, was in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently on a TV news assignment … only to end up in an emergency room with a serious, life-threatening condition. The experience has given him a unique, first-hand perspective of healthcare in Europe versus in the U.S.