Story Submissions

Here’s your chance to share your baby boomer stories and photos on BoomerCafé.

boomercafe-logoThe two most important things are these:

First, to be published in BoomerCafé, your piece must be told as a narrative, a story — the way you might tell it to a friend across the dinner table — and be baby boomer-centric. We aren’t about “seniors,” or “middle age;” BoomerCafé is only for, and about, baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.

Second, to even be considered by BoomerCafé, you must submit a finished product. If you simply contact us to propose something, or send us a list of several pieces you think might be a good fit, we will ignore it. You make the choice, you write the story, then and only then we will take a look.

Please note: Stories will be held until we receive related images that comply to our guidelines for quality (see below).

Here are the guidelines every writer must use; please read them to the bottom before you send something, for your sake and ours:

Content and Format:

  • BoomerCafé’s content focuses exclusively on baby boomers, which means those of us born between 1946 and 1964. Your story must be relevant exclusively to that audience.
  • The way to make every piece genuinely interesting for the boomer audience is to keep it as non-commercial and non-promotional as possible. If the story is interesting and dynamic, it will sell itself!
  • Please limit it to NO LONGER THAN 500 words… max!
  • Submit it single-spaced (not double-spaced) and do not indent the beginning of new paragraphs. But for visual comfort, SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS with an empty line.
  • This is critical: SPELLCHECK and PROOFREAD the final version BEFORE sending it.
  • When you send your story, cut and paste it into the body of the email. Do NOT send as an attachment.
  • Include a note to us about where you live — city, state, and/or country — since we often mention that in the intro.
  • DON’T BOTHER SENDING PRESS RELEASES. If you are a PR rep and can’t send anything more imaginative than that, don’t send anything at all.
  • Your story should go to the following address:  (Do not send photos to this email address.)

Photos and other images

  • First, you need to know this: once we’ve told you we will run your story, email your photos/images. Do not include photos with your story.
  • Please do not send vertical photos. Like any website, we need horizontal images.
  • We need great quality photos!  Appealing images attract readers.  We ask for large files so that we can tweak and enhance photos. Photos must be horizontal in format.  What that means are photo image sizes that are at least 900 pixels wide, 600 pixels high, and 500k.
  • How do you identify photo file size? Easy.  On a Mac, command + I to display photo details.  On a PC, right click and select file properties.
  • Photos must be relevant to your story. For example, if your story is about fishing, we need photos of you fishing or the outdoors.  Dark, blurry snapshots are not accepted.
  • One thing we require is a photo of you, a head shot, ideally in a horizontal (aka “landscape”) rather than vertical format and — this is very important — in an environment that is relevant to your story.
  • Besides your ‘head shot,’ we need at least three other photos or images from you that illustrate or correspond to your story.
  • We require images that are of good quality and a minimum size of 500kb per photo (but no bigger than about 2mb).  Please do not crop or compress images … let us do that.  Mugshots and “selfies” (self-taken snapshots, usually from a smartphone) will be rejected unless they are exceptional quality.
  • Do not send photos that are tightly cropped.  They may work great for your passport or Twitter account but not on
  • To repeat…
    • Images at least 500k in file size.
    • 900 pixels wide by 600 pixels high in physical size.
    • Horizontal or landscape format.
    • Not tightly cropped.
    • Smartphone photos are fine if shot horizontally.
  • If you don’t have any other kind of photo or artwork relevant to your piece, look for something on the internet that is not under a copyright.  Check the websites,, and for free images.
  • We accept only copyright-free photos.  We will not accept copyright photos from Getty or Orbis unless you own them.
  • Remember, email your photos/images only to, and not to any other address. Got a question? Just ask.
  • Here’s an example … a guide … to the kind of photos we need.  You will see that it’s not cropped too closely and it is a large image. Heck, even iPhones take superb photos, and the image files are a robust 2MB! Just hold an iPhone or smartphone horizontally and snap away.  What we like in this photo below is that it captures the spirit of a person:



Other things you need to know

  • For a book excerpt, we require one that can stand alone as an interesting piece, without requiring the reader to understand what precedes or follows it in the longer context of the book. If the book’s for sale on Amazon, give us that link.
  • BoomerCafé reserves the right to edit any submission for language, clarity, grammar, length, appropriate content, demographic appeal, and anything else that improves it in the opinion of BoomerCafé’s editors. This applies also to material labeled as copywritten. If it is submitted to BoomerCafé, we reserve the right to change it.
  • As for monetary compensation — and this always can be a “deal-breaker” — BoomerCafé is a labor of love, whose purpose is to provide an interesting, entertaining, and informative online home for baby boomers. As such, we do not pay for content. Your reward is positive exposure, but there is no guarantee.
  • By inviting a submission, we make no promise of inclusion in BoomerCafé, and we make no promise about when or for what duration any submission might be posted.

Please send any questions to No phone calls, please!

Thanks very much!

Greg Dobbs
, Executive Editor