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When BoomerCafé was born in 1999, its co-founders, journalists David Henderson and Greg Dobbs— that’s us— wanted to give baby boomers a place to tell their stories. Stories about boomers’ adventures, stories about boomers’ relationships, stories about boomers’ challenges, stories about boomers’ lives, which are really your lives. With that formula, BoomerCafé quickly became the most popular place on the internet for stories by, about, and for baby boomers. Its popularity has not waned.

The Café Guys … the co-founders and old friends behind BoomerCafé.com. Greg Dobbs (left) with David Henderson. (Photo by Kit Bigelow.)

Now, after all those years raising our labor of love— when you think about it, BoomerCafé is now old enough to vote— we have decided to dedicate all the time and energy and expense we’ve given to BoomerCafé to other things in our lives.

But BoomerCafé, and its archive of roughly three thousand baby boomer stories, will stay online until February 15, 2022. So when you want to just browse and see what you find, you still can.

We have loved building the site, and we have loved our relationships with all the interesting and talented writers who have contributed. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy what we all created together.

David and Greg


  1. Thank you David for your continuing dedication to the Cafe.. you as well Greg. I’ve very much enjoyed reading them.
    David, you have been a good friend when times were tough. Thank you.
    I wish you and Kit all the best.

  2. Dear Greg and David,
    Thank you for Boomercafé. Your vision, work and effort is appreciated. I will miss seeing a new article with my morning coffee that me laugh, ponder, and sometimes take stock of my own life. Thank you.

  3. Dave, Greg, and All,

    I enjoyed having a regular spot at the counter of Boomer Cafe with you, and your weekly specials.

    Now I’ll imagine the sign on the cafe door says, “Gone Fishing,” and remember the stories we shared.

    1. Perfect. Although, in Greg’s case, the sign would say “Gone skiing” on one side, “Gone biking” on the other…

  4. David and Greg, I so enjoyed having my café while reading the many wonderful and inspiring Boomer stories including your own personal journey’s. Boomer cafe will be missed as well as you both. Wishing you only happy trails filled with good adventures and health!

  5. Job well done, gentlemen. We will miss you and Boomercafe more than you can know. Best of health and happiness to you, and thank you.

  6. Thank you both for offering a place to share our stories, memories, hopes and dreams. And it was an opportunity for all us Boomers to celebrate being Boomers!! Now you two can celebrate a successful run on BoomerCafe, your careers, and all your accomplishments. Have fun, good luck and stay well. We’ll definitely miss you!

  7. I’ll miss you guys, and the regular contributors. I’ve more sentiments, but they’ve been clearly and powerfully spoken by the comments above.

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