So much more from this boomer than just a New Years resolution

How many New Years resolutions have we made? The oldest baby boomers have probably been making them for 55, maybe 60 years. Even the youngest probably can count up to 40.  But here at BoomerCafé, we’d venture to guess that few have been as insightful and as introspective as this, from former CBS News correspondent Rolland Smith in Santa Barbara, California. It is his approach to the new year, and it could be yours, too.

Some thoughts on the upcoming new year.

Beginnings always have an expectation. We wonder, where do we go from here? What’s next? Forgetting that we create the moments.

Rolland Smith

Thought is the power behind manifestation. What we think about, worry about, wish for, often gets created.

There’s an old saying that we attract to us what we fear the most. If that’s true, and what we think we become is true, then it is time to acknowledge that within each of us is the immense creative energy that can find a way out of the fear, the sadness, the despair, the hostile conditions for which we often blame others.

Perhaps it is time we see ourselves as creators. Not only the creator of things but also the creator of attitudes, conditions, and feelings.

We constrict our creative selves by placing limits. Saying I’m too old or too young, or we never did it that way.

We deny those in need by believing our security lies in having more.

Sometimes we delude those we say we love by only loving ourselves through them and not honoring their choice and sacred self.

There is always hope that the litany of Pandora’s troubles in our politics will transcend into the common good but let us not forget that hope without action breeds stagnation. We each must work at finding harmony in chaos.

Harmony is there. We can feel it when we give from empathy and not reward, when we resolve not to be discouraged, not to speak in anger, not to blame, and not to judge without looking for the truth within, first.

It is time to listen to the life force of our hearts. It lets us hear the planet, the trees, the oceans, the plants and animals, and strangers when they speak to us.

That life force is the Divine within, which translates to respect, courtesy, kindness, and seeing the oneness within the diversity.

It has never been tried on a mass scale.

It seems to me we have nothing to lose.


  1. Over the past several years, I have found it ever more difficult to approach the New Year with my usual optimism. But your eloquent and thought-provoking piece gives me a glimmer of hope. You’ve laid out a roadmap. I hope we can prove wise enough to follow it. Thanks, Roland.

  2. Wow! There’s so much to think about in this article. Especially: “thought is the power behind manifestation” and “we attract to us what we fear the most.” The antidotes to negativity that you suggest in this piece seem to present quite a challenge . . . But surely worth the mental and emotional effort to bring about positive change in the new year. Best wishes for a rewarding 2022.

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