The BoomerCafé team is taking a break


Some medical issues have slowed us down at BoomerCafé.

No surprise…. we’re pretty much the oldest active generation on the planet.

The Café Guys … the co-founders and old friends behind BoomerCafé.com. Greg Dobbs (left) with David Henderson. (Photo by Kit Bigelow.)

Our issues won’t last for long, but we’re going to hang it up for three months.

So please come back, but you don’t have to wait until October.

Continue your visits, every week or every day.

Browse through the couple of thousand stories in our archives.

Then we’ll be up and running again with fresh stories for, by, and about baby boomers, and the active lives we lead.


  1. Rest up and come back recharged, guys. The world is a better place with you actively involved in it.

  2. The aging process is taking the oomph out of a lot of us Boomers. Let’s hope the loss of your oomph is not serious and that it returns in full form soon. BoomerCafe has provided a secure mooring for many of us.

  3. I hope we can still have our weekly (or, in my case, weakly) exchange of puns. Be well, Greg and David, and bounce back, but not on a hardwood floor. It hurts like hell.

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