That “rainy day” came… and this boomer used it

For baby boomers who ended up in a lockdown— staying at home, working at home, stuck at home— the past year has forced us to find new ways to try to be productive. But that doesn’t just mean coming up with whole new strategies to spend our time. For Sharyn Gelb Diamond of Plano, Texas, it has meant finding ways to finally get some old projects done.

A pandemic can bring bad things. Can it bring good things as well?

Yes it can, and it did in my case. Personally, I’ve been putting off many projects for a rainy day. And boy, this has been a monsoon of rainy days.

I’ve accomplished many of my projects, like finishing my children’s book, organizing my kitchen, connecting with dear friends and family near and far, mastering new technologies like Zoom, and through it all, trying to become a better person. It’s amazing how time spent at home instead of at shopping malls, restaurants, or movie theaters can bring about something good for yourself and others.

Just knowing I’ve crossed things off my list that I’ve procrastinated about forever makes me happy. Finding ways to be more considerate of others was one of them, so along with my congregation’s sisterhood, we honored Covid healthcare workers at our local hospital with special appreciation lunches. When disaster strikes, it often leads to doing something good for your fellow man. We’re all in this together and the sooner we work hand in hand (with gloves and masks on of course) to combat this pandemic, the sooner it’s over and we can all get back to our normal lives.

This pause in history has allowed us to reflect on many things in our lives, and taught us how to use different skills to carry on during these trying times. Of course despite our best efforts, it has brought about much pain, destroyed jobs and income, and worst of all, the loss of loved ones. It’s hard to deal with these cold hard facts. I’m extremely grateful my family was not affected, but I have friends who were. To them I say, I’m deeply, deeply sorry, and feel your grief and pain.

Sharyn Gelb Diamond with copies of her new book.

As the familiar saying goes, time marches on, so hopefully we will return to better days soon. For now I’m concentrating on getting more of my long-forgotten projects completed, and that’s a whole new list: writing a family cookbook, dusting off and reading that book on the top shelf of my bookcase, learning a new craft, continuing to help others, even making some healthy lifestyle changes. I’m never giving up ice cream though!

The pandemic taught me how precious each and every day is, and that we never know when or if tragedy will strike close to home. So if you’re able, it makes sense to utilize this time to bring a smile to someone’s face, do some self-reflection, call your old schoolmate, help a friend in need, or anything that keeps your spirits up and makes you happy. Those are certainly good things, not bad.

In the future, you’ll look back on this challenging time and be thankful that you were one of the healthy ones, and proud that you accomplished something good and positive each day for yourself and others.


Sharyn has a new children’s book out: Amy’s Amazing Hats: A Book About Friendship, Caring and Kindness.


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