“The Talk” – To all Motorists of Color in America

Incidents of police killing people of color in America seem to have hit epidemic level— this week in Minnesota it happened yet again. Because of that, baby boomer Kevin Willmott, who won an Oscar for his screen adaptation of “BlacKkKlansman,” speaks out, angry and blunt, about racism in America. He calls it a warning, “To All Motorists Of Color.”

Oscar-winning filmmaker and professor Kevin Willmott.

I AM TIRED OF SEEING US DIE! Black People have to accept that fact that we DO NOT have the same rights as Whites when encountering Police. Thus, several things.

Number one: Survive the encounter! Remember that you can be murdered at anytime by the Police and then your BODY will be put on trial as a criminal, if by some miracle the Policeman that murders you is charged.

Number two: Survive the encounter! Do not talk back. Do not do anything they can later say is aggressive because this will be used against your dead body to justify murdering you. This gives you the best chance at survival.

Finally, survive and sue the FUCK out of them.

Your life means nothing in the country but MONEY does!

Until, we find equal rights in the USA this is how you MAYBE survive and seek justice. No more of us need to die horrible meaningless deaths. Our lives don’t matter to them. Our blackness is seen as a weapon. Don’t be fooled that you can back talk or refuse to cooperate — you will ride the lightening as the Police clearly say.

Time to accept we are living in the 1800’s when it comes to this issue. We have not advanced. Think of yourself as a slave. Best to be a boy for a few moments. You can then live and fight them in the courts where you MIGHT have a chance of winning and not being SHOT!

20-year-old Daunte Wright, killed by police this past Sunday in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center.

Your anger and frustration is their opportunity to murder you.

Many of us think we have equal rights. WE DO NOT! Not when it comes to this issue. Time to accept FACTS. Black

Lives don’t matter to many of them.

Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd’s neck.

When Chauvin had his knee on George Floyd’s neck he was thinking about the other encounters he’s had with Blacks where he wanted to murder them. In that sense it was premediated because he’s been wanting to do that for a long time. He even wanted to murder several of the people on the street that day back talking him.

This is the psychology of BAD cops. They are not policed by good cops and thus are everywhere.

U.S. Army officer Caron Nazario is pepper-sprayed and beaten by police in Windsor, VA.

This is the warning I give my children. This is what I think about when I am pulled over for no reason.

Do all you can to avoid police contact and being pulled over. Check headlights, tail lights – everything before driving. Don’t give them a reason.

Like Lawrence O’Donnell says, “Policemen are like Pilots, when they make a mistake people die.” Until we accept that fact be paranoid and live!


  1. I agree with your advice. I am a white guy who grew up in suburban LI and can only imagine the kind of discrimination Black people routinely face in America. When I was young, me and my friends had regular contact with the police which prompted my father to give me “the talk.” It’s “yes sir and no sir,” he’d say. “Don’t forget Joey,” these guys have guns, and no matter how “right” you are, it won’t do you any good if you are dead.” Good advice you give: avoid getting pulled over, don’t speed, no beating yellow lights, and if you get pulled over, you’re a lot better off with yes sir and no sir.

  2. I agree with your advice, too. However, your assumptions of Chauvin’s intent to murder both Floyd and “several of the people on the street that day back talking him” has no basis in fact, simply your belief and allegations.

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