The moon helps this boomer see through the crisis

We all have to work through our own anxieties during this coronavirus crisis. From Cypress, Texas, baby boomer Sherrill Elizondo is getting a little help. From the moon.

I’ve had an old song spinning around in my head that comes back to me often during this coronavirus crisis we are experiencing. It’s called, “Everyone’s Gone To the Moon.”

The lyrics go like this:

Streets full of people, all alone
Roads full of houses, never home
Church full of singing, out of tune
Everyone’s gone to the moon

The song’s been in my head, but I’ve had no inclination to write anything about it in recent weeks… until I was inspired with a picture of the super moon that my husband, Carlos, took on the evening of April 7, from our backyard.

Photo by Carlos Elizondo.

I always found the song’s words haunting but never knew exactly what they meant. Now, maybe I do. How something so devastating could have ever reached our shores is inconceivable to me and yet it did… and maybe the song helps express it.

Like everyone, I stay in contact with family and friends through emails, texts, REAL phone calls, and try to do FaceTime with grandchildren. I’ve even dropped off birthday gifts for grandchildren at their doors, but with a heavy heart… concerned about a world my children and grandchildren inherited. I’ve tried to pray, though I never felt I had a good connection with God to begin with. Still, I think of my blended family growing up, and think of family members and friends who had a different kind of Passover this year. I think of another relative who had to cancel a trip to Spain to see his son and family; they most certainly would have been together at Passover. I think of all of us who had to get ready for Easter… so unlike Easter gatherings we had only a year ago.

I keep wondering if all the cleaning and disinfecting of my home actually does any good and keep checking to see when certain products will not be “out of stock” and available to buy, since my supply is dwindling. I try not to turn on the news incessantly but inevitably, a couple of times a day, my husband and I do watch and listen. The facility where I work out is, of course, closed, and I haven’t felt like engaging in the live streaming.

Sherrill with husband, Carlos.

I do try to walk. I’ve made a couple of short trips to enjoy the countryside with my husband when he wanted to get in some photography. The wildflowers are beautiful this time of year in Texas. Staying inside is hard for me so I feel blessed that it is possible to enjoy my yard, a quick walk in a quiet neighborhood, or occasionally get in the car to enjoy nature.

Like others, we hear of neighbors or friends who have symptoms or have tested positive. We wait, we hope, and try to live each day to the fullest that is possible in these uncertain times.

I keep thinking in a rather naive way that, after all, we put a man on the moon…surely we can beat this sooner than later. Now, it’s just streets full of people, all alone.


    1. Thank you for your comment. I keep reminding myself and my family “And this, too, shall pass.” Thanks for the reminder. Guess we all need to remain patient, positive, and hopeful.

    1. Thanks Akemi. Good to hear from you. Walking now (with the heat starting up) is not my cup of tea! So, yes, if not at the center,…I will see you eventually somewhere else when we can all make some plans…but not yet. Those who think this is coming to an end soon, in my opinion, are delusional. Stay healthy and happy….one day at a time.

  1. Enjoyed the story. So very true. We’ve not left our home except for store visits (Skip is the cook, so he goes mostly), and a visit for me to oncologist and an infusion. All is well. We will get through this! Take care.

    1. Thank you Judy for taking the time to read my story and to comment. Yes, we will all get through this and, hopefully, we will be stronger and better prepared for any future crisis. Wishing you better health in the future, since you mentioned an Oncologist… Stay home and stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I certainly will tell Carlos though he believes the wild flower pictures are not that good. They fit the story though!

  2. Such strange times we are living in. That song is a perfect fit. Carlos’ photography is so beautiful. It’ll be so nice to see you again at Jazzercise! Miss you!

    1. Being a Baby Boomer, I would say I have lived through some other strange and difficult times but, in some ways, ill prepared for this crisis… very unnecessary for any of us to be experiencing this! I will let Carlos know your thoughts about his photography. I may never be in Jazzercise again due to ongoing spinal problems…more procedures in the future. Dancing since the age of 5 has had its’ positives and negatives. I SO miss seeing everyone. In the future, whenever classes resume, I will drop by or even take a class….low impact because this ex dancer is no longer jumping!

  3. I am not familiar with that song, but it certainly seems to be right on for our today’s world. I find the hardest part is the isolation and the feeling of apprehension when I do have to venture out. I know it’s not going to be next week, or maybe not even next month, but I do believe we will eventually be able to relax and enjoy family and friends again. Your story was food for thought. I’m glad the Super Moon inspired you to pen this story. It’s Reassuring to know I’m not really “All Alone”.

    1. Thank you. Isolation and apprehension are words to describe this. Glad my thoughts were meaningful to you. No, you are not alone.

  4. Enjoy the story Sherrill, it is a strange time, but this too shall pass.
    I am hopefully thinking that a lot of cleaner people will come out of this… my house has never been this clean, my hands has had more alcohol on them than I have consumed…… but I have enjoyed being at home with my husband and enjoying cooking, and yes even cleaning…..
    Stay safe, Jacqui

    1. Jacqui, I’m glad you enjoyed my story and I enjoyed your funny comment! Take care, stay safe, stay well. Looking forward to better days ahead.

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