With a boomer’s apologies to McCartney and Lennon…

That famous Beatles refrain, “When I’m 64…” sounds so, well, young for some of us leading-edge baby boomers. Like David Andrew Westwood, who flew out from England to Los Angeles back in the sixties to sing with an American rock band. And from the looks of these lyrics that David sent to BoomerCafé, he’s still at it! But now the song is, When I’m Seventy-Four.

David Andrew Westwood

“Sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll… and a distant place called Vietnam.” That’s how Amazon.com begins its summary of David Westwood’s fourteenth novel, The Paisley Tree House. Back in the Sixties, David had been flown out from England to Los Angeles to sing with a rock band there. The book centers around a family dealing with the swirl of those turbulent times. Here is an excerpt, recreating a performance of another band.

When I get older, losing my waist
Just a few days from now
Will you still be posting me a birthday meme
Take me out for cake and ice cream?
When I’m reclining, taking a nap
I’ll try not to snore
Will you still need me, will you newsfeed me
When I’m seventy-four?

You’ll be older too
And, like the finer wines
I’ll mature with you.

I could escort you out for a walk
When you need a stretch
We can practice yoga by the fireside
Watch the sunsets side by side
Shopping for bargains, using our points
Who could ask for more?
Will you still tag me, will you still nag me
When I’m seventy four?

Every summer we can B&B on an island beach
If it’s still in reach
Sunblock thickly spread
Grandchildren on your knee
Sophie, Noah and Ted

Send me an email, tap me a text
Stating point of view
Add emoji comments if you feel the need
Quick response is guaranteed
When I look blank and scratch my head
remind me what I came in here for
Will you still meet me, will you retweet me
When I’m seventy-four?


David’s latest book, about sex, drugs, rock n’ roll… and Vietnam… is The Paisley Tree House.


  1. Didn’t need to hear the music, melody in my head as I read it. Look forwards to the 84 version. Fun way to start the day.

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