Boomer blasts blind bias from both blocs

Since the older we get — and statistics back this up — the more engaged we are with the political process, the more likely it is that many of us have taken sides in the controversy over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But what we hear from baby boomers more than anything else is that there’s blame to go around, politics has become dysfunctional, and a pox on both their houses. In this Boomer Opinion piece, BoomerCafé executive editor and co-founder Greg Dobbs writes about unworthy behavior from both sides of the aisle.

Oh, so now we know: Brett Kavanagh didn’t do it!

Or maybe I have it wrong: Brett Kavanaugh did it.

Brett Kavanaugh

To hear our nation’s leaders talk about it — from both political parties — they already know the truth. Before the hearing, before more evidence is presented.

A pox on both their houses.

So what, that Kavanaugh’s Republican defenders haven’t yet heard from his accuser under oath— check that, make it two accusers.

If you listen to them, apparently there’s really no reason to hear what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has to say under oath (let alone Deborah Ramirez, who told The New Yorker that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her, and worse, when they were classmates at Yale). These senators already have read his accusers’ accounts. To hear them tell it, they already know the women are lying.

Like Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who, without hearing them out, promised to “plow right through” with Kavanaugh’s nomination — as if to say, we’ll sweep that pesky PhD’s claims into the trash, don’t you worry — and asserted that Brett Kavanaugh “will make an exceptional justice.”

Or Utah’s Orrin Hatch, who declared that the Democrats who got Dr. Blasey to go public “will stop at nothing to prevent Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Or South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, who complains, “I’m not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s life over [an] accusation this vague, not verified in any way.”

Or of course the President himself, who weighed in on Kavanaugh’s second accuser, calling her “messed up” and “drunk” at the Yale party she recounts. Maybe she was. But guess what: maybe Kavanaugh was too. Doesn’t matter; the President has said he backs the judge “all the way.”

How can they all be so sure that the man’s worth backing, that these accusations of sexual assault are just a slimy smear campaign to discredit a conservative nominee to the high court? Because Judge Kavanaugh says so, that’s how. And to use a Trumpian turn of phrase, “everyone knows” he’s honest. And respectable. And would never do a thing like that.

Neither would America’s Dad, Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby in handcuffs.

No, it’s not fair to pair Kavanaugh and Cosby. After all, maybe this is a smear campaign without merit. Maybe Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth and Dr. Blasey is lying, or at best, recklessly mistaken. We haven’t yet heard him under oath either.

But to make up your mind before they testify? As private citizens, we’re free to reach any conclusion we like, whenever we like, with as little to go on as we like. But for United States senators who will be sitting in judgement? It’s dishonorable.

And that goes for Democrats too. From California’s Dianne Feinstein to Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono to Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. All we know so far is that Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Blasey, is an “alleged” victim, not a victim. Yet Democratic senators have used language that convicts the man before his trial. The fact that in the past year a growing collection of renowned and respected leaders from business and entertainment and politics have been credibly accused of assault doesn’t mean Judge Kavanaugh deserves to be mentioned in the same breath. It doesn’t mean he deserves to have his life ruined. At least not yet.

Greg Dobbs

I haven’t made my own mind up. Yes, evidently there is corroborating evidence — not conclusive, but corroborating — that supports Blasey’s story. At the very least, it seems more than what Senator Graham characterizes as a “vague” accusation. The expositive session recorded by the therapist, the affirmative lie detector test. And one can’t help but wonder, would a woman fabricate a story this bad, then beg the FBI to look into it?

Of course President Trump couldn’t help but wonder something too, as he opined in a tweet: if an attack on Dr. Blasey “was as bad as she says, charges would have been immediately filed with local Law Enforcement Authorities.” Maybe (for a change) the president should have spent even more time on Twitter that day. He’d have read literally tens of thousands of tweets from women across America, elaborating on what became the hashtag, “#WhyIDidntReport.”

And the names. In Judge Kavanaugh’s favor is that those Blasey names as participants at the high school party three-and-a-half decades ago say they don’t remember the incident she describes. But in the professor’s favor, the only ones who are likely never to forget it would be the ones who were at the heart of it. And that includes the other teen alleged to have been directly involved in what Dr. Blasey describes: Mark Judge, author of a book tellingly titled “Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk.” He describes the wasted behavior of his pseudonymically-named buddy “Bart O’Kavanaugh.” Coincidence?

If Kavanaugh did what Blasey says he did, there is no excuse for his behavior, no matter how young he was. A 17-year-old is not a child. Maybe more important, if his denials prove to be lies, there is no justification for his appointment to our highest court.

Judge Kavanaugh deserves the presumption of innocence. If he is telling the truth, then the charges against him are shameful.

But Dr. Blasey is equally deserving. If she made it all up, she deserves to be shamed, or worse. But first she deserves to be heard, to be taken seriously.

And both the accuser, and the accused, deserve to be judged by a panel with open minds.

The evidence so far suggests, that might not happen. On either side.


  1. So yes, we have to have a hearing. Wait a minute! We already did! And Feinstein had this info and sat on it until the hearing was over. Why? Obviously, to ‘reopen’ the hearing and delay, delay, delay. “I accuse you! Now, prove your innocence!” That’s where we are. Nothing new, the democrats have employed before. They seem to have refined it now thus… Send in accuser no. 1. When that’s debunked, send in accuser no. 2. When that’s debunked, send in accuser no. 3. And on and on. I’m so sick of the Saul Alinskyites and their tactics.

    Yes, have the hearing. I hope that it doesn’t turn into the circus that the first one was, with paid ‘hysterical’ shrieking and other agitprop nonsense.

    But when it’s over, it’s over. No more strategic pop-ups designed ONLY to delay, delay, delay.

    1. Paul, when I hear “delay, delay, delay” it only brings back memories of the Merrick Garland fiasco. The Rs can’t have it both ways–and neither can the Ds. Over the decades both parties have failed their constituents miserably. That’s why we’re in the fine kettle of fish that we’re in–a totally dysfunctional government. While all this nonsense continues to play itself out, who’s governing our country? When was the last time you heard anything happening on infrastructure or health care or immigration for that matter? I don’t believe Congress has even been able to name a Post Office in the last year or so. Geez! It’s (we’re) a mess! And we only have ourselves to blame. To say we’re being led by a confederacy of dunces–that we elected, BTW– is an insult to every dunce that ever walked the face of this planet.

      1. Larry, I can no longer stomach the ‘both sides do it.” Look at the supreme court appointments by democrats. Ginzberg, Kagen, Sotomeyer. They all went through the normal process without all the hysterical agitprop we’re seeing now. So I’m just not down with ‘they all do it.’ The whole country is choosing sides. I have. This is all hard ball politics. Stop Trump at all costs! As far as infrastructure or health care being reported, if the news is good, that is, Trump had some wins, good economy, jobs report, etc, you WILL NOT hear about it on ABC/NBC/CBS/NYT/WoPo/MSNBC/CNN/ETC. Let me say one other thing. This is ‘boomer’ cafe. And I believe that the boomers are the cause of all this animosity and confusion. My parents generation, the Greatest Generation, went to the voting booth at election time, and kept their mouths shut, for the most part, about who they voted for. Not the boomers. Granted, our obsession with politics could be because of social media, ease of posting one’s opinion, lot of time on ones’ hands, etc. but we seem to have poisoned the well. Anyway, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

  2. It’s hard to be a proud American when our elected do little more than protect their party and special interests. Where are the moderates? Those leaders who listen to their constituents, their colleagues across the aisle, even their own conscience.

    How did we get to a point in time where partisan politics are more important than the common good? The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee should be ashamed of their conduct over the last few days. The grandstanding was sickening.

    I am tired of the hurtful remarks, accusations, and outright lies from those who are in elected leadership positions. They lead by fear, intimidation, and threat. I am looking for leaders loyal to the people, not the party. Either one.

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