Lessons this boomer has learned so far … this year

Wisdom. That’s the word we use here at BoomerCafé when we talk about what baby boomers “bring to the table.” Wisdom comes with age. And experience. And success, and failure. That’s what New York public relations exec Bob Brody writes about for BoomerCafé in his essay, Lessons I’ve Learned So Far This Year.

If I’ve learned anything so far in 2018 – and that’s a pretty big “if” – I now pass along my insights and advice in the name of performing a public service:

When in doubt, you probably should be. And if given a choice, you should probably make it.

Every time anything is improved, it gets worse. Exhibit A is every software program ever implemented at your office.

If dusk falls, please make every effort to catch it. And if dawn breaks, by all means get someone handy to fix it right away.

Here’s a good business practice: spare no expense, but also incur none.

Accept that you and your colleagues often have creative differences, but generally it’s because you’re always right and they’re always wrong.

Listen to those voices you keep hearing, especially if it’s just other people talking.

Never absorb information on a topic or issue that threatens to undermine your hard-won ignorance.

In the event anyone ever accuses you of living your life in a state of denial, just deny it.

Nothing unifies like division.

Remembering is good, but forgetting can be better.

Tell people that not only do you appreciate they’re trying to be transparent but also that you see right through it. Meanwhile, just to be safe, invest in developing an X-ray device that enables you to detect hidden agendas.

Bob Brody

Resist the pressure to discontinue the hard-copy version of yourself and go all-digital.

Feel free to be spontaneous, but rehearse a little first.

Never let ambiguity leave you feeling ambivalent.

Love everyone equally, just some people more than others.

Spend the holidays with those you love so that later you can get together with your family and friends.

Finally, stop trying to figure out who’s responsible for anything. Each of us is. Individually and together. Period.

Bob’s memoir, Playing Catch with Strangers: A Family Guy (Reluctantly) Comes of Age, is available with this link.


  1. It’s strange no one addresses baby boomers with no partner, siblings or children and extended families. There is nothing out there for that group of individuals. I would welcome comments.

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