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For half a century now, baby boomers have been influential in the politics and the future of the United States. Sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. In Civil Rights, Vietnam, social issues of almost every stripe. And don’t forget, ever since 1993, every American president has been a boomer.

That’s why, at BoomerCafé, we’ve decided to add something we’ve never had before: commentary. After all, who better than us? So if you have strong feelings about the direction in which our world is moving, we invite you to submit them.

We won’t tolerate mean-spirited screeds, let alone foul language. And, you will be required to submit at least three images relevant to what you write, as per the “photo” section of our “story submission” guidelines which we encourage you to read. As always, we reserve the right to edit or simply reject any submission (which should not exceed 400 words). But if you have something to say that advances the conversation, give it a shot. We have a special email for submitting opinion pieces —


  1. Actually, I think that is a good direction to go.
    my wife and I just returned from 3 weeks in the southern UK.
    amazing and friendly boomers we met.
    everybody is very talkative when talking about their dog.

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