Baby boomers who give a new twist to snowbirding

The ranks of snowbirds are filled with baby boomers. But we know of none who flee the cold weather like authors Carrie Trip and Jack Janssen. They don’t go to the same place year after year. Their wanderlust sends them in a new direction every year. You get the idea when you see their website: And the bucket list keeps growing.

Residents of Muskoka, Ontario, we make our great escape before the bitter cold strikes, venturing to a new, exotic destination each fall.

Which location has been our favorite? We can’t pick just one — they are all so unique. For us, part of the allure of being a seasonal nomad is variety.

We thrive on immersing ourselves in our new locale. We learn about the country’s history, culture, wildlife, and ecology, first hand. Each climate provides the opportunity to live through the seasons, sample unusual foods, interact with locals, and take part in fundraisers and community events. From our ‘home away from home’ we can go on excursions and explore the surroundings. Our lives are enriched — our minds continually stimulated.

Carrie Trip and Jack Janssen

There are so many areas we would still love to visit that intrigue us. Places that are both mysterious and exotic. By taking up residence for up to six months in each new destination, we have created a reality that brings us joy, a sense of enthusiasm, and puts a continual bounce in our step.

What We Gain is Worth What We Give Up

One of the most frequent questions we are faced with is, don’t we miss our family and friends? Of course we do, but they can come visit. And trust me, they jump at the chance! Plus, making new friends along the way is extremely rewarding. It’s amazing how many like-minded people we encounter. Swapping tales and keeping track of one another’s excursions after we part. All the while knowing we will meet again, somewhere else in the world.

The opportunities to live around the world are boundless, regardless of whether you own a second home or not. There is the option to house-swap, rent, or house-sit. I learned a lot about house-sitting from a Boomercafe article by Silvana Clark. While living in Fiji we met professional house-sitters — an interesting couple who travel the world full-time, and do not pay for accommodation. Personally, we rent beautiful villas around the globe, negotiating discounted rates for longer-term stays.

One day, we will find a vacation home to purchase and settle down in one spot. But today is not that day. Tomorrow is unpredictable and we are still young enough to travel. Life is short, and so we choose to explore this wondrous world, while we can.

Until we meet again, Zài jiàn, Aloha, Bula, Ciao, Adiós, and Hasta luego!

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