A warm-up from a boomer, a professional rememberer

It’s time to remember again, fellow boomers. Some of us do it better than others. But we figure the very best is retired Evansville, Indiana columnist and still-producing-books author Garret Mathews, because that’s what he has done for a living. Garret even calls himself a “professional rememberer.” BoomerCafé has started running a series of installments of some of Garret’s remembrances which, as you’ll see, are no different than the things we remember … or wish we did. In this installment, he’s just warming up!

Here are a few warm-ups that this professional rememberer uses to challenge fellow boomers.

Veteran newspaperman Garret Mathews.

Veteran newspaperman Garret Mathews.

Think back to each place you’ve lived. What time did the mail come? When was trash day? Was there a 12 o’clock whistle? Was there a “Bird Sanctuary” sign at the city limits?

Did you, like me, have a paper route when you were a kid? Like me, did you hoof it? Can you retrace your steps? How many customers can you name? Who were the ones who never paid on time? Did you have any special requests as to where you put the newspaper?

What was the first manual-shift vehicle you drove?

Have you ever enjoyed home-cooked grub at a restaurant that had a flashing “EATS” sign?

When was the first time you visited your state capital?

In elementary school, where did your class go on field trips?

Growing up, what were (are) the call letters of your hometown radio station?

When was the last time you played tackle football?


When was the last time you hitchhiked?

Like me, you had to climb the rope in PE class. Recall who could get to the top and who couldn’t.

Think of the boys and girls you knew in school. Now think houses of said individuals. For whatever reason – doing homework, playing sports, watching TV, exchanging dolls – count the different living rooms you’ve been in.

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