Baby boomers stake out claim in digital world

Baby boomers — and many of us arrived late to the online world— are getting savvier now about technology. Facebook, for example, reports that its biggest growth is among people older than 50. Visit any Apple store and you’ll see a preponderance of gray-haired shoppers because Apple’s tech stuff is easy to use. It has become a reality … if you want to keep up with the kids, the grandchildren, old friends, becoming more tech smart is a necessity.


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Here at BoomerCafé, we encourage readers to join in and create their own online identity. It’s free, easy, and safe. It’s called a “Gravatar” – a derivation of “Avatar,” which basically means a bodily form on earth; it’s a little image of you that shows up whenever you comment here at BoomerCafé or on other online stories and news sites.

You can use your own photograph, rather than have some silly default image appear. To understand what a Gravatar looks like, check out the small photos of people next to their names when they comment on a story.

Gravatar_blueguyIf someone doesn’t have a Gravatar, a generic blue circle or funny face icon shows up. If they have one, we see who they are.

Gravatar_funnyA Gravatar is globally recognized because millions of people and websites use them. It’s a way for you to have your own little picture identity across the World Wide Web.

To learn more and to sign up for a Gravatar, you can visit Then, maybe we’ll see more of you here at BoomerCafé.com.

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  1. I am 56, going on 57, and I came to technology as it showed up. I had my first IBM computer in the spring of 1985 when I was 26 before there was any Internet at all and nowhere near the software available as now. It was a clunky desktop and when laptops became available, I got one as soon as possible. I have used the Internet for as long as it has been available and even work online and got accredited degrees online. I got cable tv, cell phones, etc as they came out. I have banked, shopped, etc online for as long as it has been available and signed up for sites like Facebook and Twitter long ago. I was delighted my fellow boomers from elementary and high school are almost all on Facebook. Even my 87 year old father-in-law is. I remember feeling shocked reading an interview with Stevie Nicks years ago where she said she couldn’t use a computer and felt too old to learn. Technology has opened up the world and boomers can benefit from this. Even people who are homebound and sick can travel the world, bank, keep in touch with others, shop, and more online.

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