This baby boomer has her newest favorite pair of jeans!

Stuck in any old habits? Baby boomers can tend to do that. Baby boomer Erin O’Brien of Redondo Beach, California, writes about her newest favorite pair of jeans.

The ad promised a delightful derrière, taut tummy, and long legs. All this for only $59?!


Erin’s newest pair of jeans.

Yes indeed! All of this in a pair of jeans. I hadn’t heard claims like these since I asked my mom for a pair of PF Flyers that were designed to make me run faster and jump higher.

I’ve had my favorite pairs of jeans over the years. I recall fondly the ones with red square pockets, on which my mom ironed matching red square patches to conceal the holes in the knees. More than once I fished them out of the trash can.

Then there was my first pair of original 501s, decidedly not designed for the teenage female form of the 1970s Fresh out of the dryer, they required that I lie on the bed to put them on. In their second life they made perfectly frayed cut-offs.

A slim, high-waisted pair (circa 1993) which I refer to as my trophy jeans hangs in my closet.

Then there was the pair of bell bottoms I bought about ten years ago, after swearing I’d never return to that ’60s fashion. Despite several well-intentioned reincarnations by the tailor, they were eventually threadbare.


Oh, yes, and Bruce Springsteen’s pair on the cover of “Born In the U.S.A.”

When my new jeans arrived by mail, you know, the ones with the promise of a delightful derrière, I had done my homework. The perfect pair should have only 2% elastane (a 100% cotton pair is a rarity) and the waistband should not come up to my armpits.

Erin O'Brien at Redondo Beach.

Erin O’Brien at Redondo Beach.

The verdict? My legs don’t look especially longer, considering a 29-inch inseam to begin with. But this week they have become my uniform, like Mark Zuckerberg’s grey t-shirts. I marvel at their softness despite never having seen the inside of my washer or dryer. They are my newest favorite pair of jeans.


  1. Hi Erin – loved your article, brought back so many memories – just loved the 501s, would not wear any other brand, but have moved on to 506s now – thanks for sharing – am sure you look great in them !

  2. Hi Erin!! I still have my favorite pair of jeans, in both full length and Capri. I have often wondered what it is about the comfort I feel when I put them on! Great story, could have read more!!

  3. I just gave away my favorite pair of jean shorts…5 sizes too small and haven’t fit since the late ’90s. All things must pass. <3

  4. I agree, there is nothing like a pair of well-worn blue-jeans. Wearing them feels almost as good as a hug from your best friend!

  5. Nice. Thank God for Jeans. Back in high school you had to wear Levis or you just weren’t cool. And unfortunately I could never get my parents to buy me Levis. So I was the kid wearing the Wranglers or something from K-Mart. I survived but I’m wearing a pair of Levis 501s as I write this.

  6. Best thing about Levi’s was that they wore like iron. Mom would never have bought them if they wore out quickly. (Or came pre-ripped!?!)

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