15 Ways to Recharge Your Life After 55

Kate Walter of Manhattan has had a hard time of it. After 26 years in a relationship, she and her partner broke up, which she has written about in a new book, Looking for a Kiss: A Chronicle of Downtown Heartbreak and Healing. Suddenly, Kate had to rediscover herself. She did, and offers BoomerCafé’s readers 15 tips about how to do it.

I never thought I’d join a church again, but reconnecting with a religious ritual was big part of my healing process after my 26 year lesbian relationship ended. I replaced Sunday brunch with singing and socializing at a progressive church. I made new friends and felt renewed.

Writer Kate Walter in New York.

Writer Kate Walter in New York.

Here are my tips for adding some more zip into your life, which worked well for me.

1) Start attending services at a church or temple or other place of worship.

2) Join a gym or health club or yoga center.

3) Walk at least one mile everyday, preferably in nature

4) Take a workshop or a class at a college or adult ed center.

5) Go away for a weekend retreat or creative seminar in a beautiful setting

6) Learn how to meditate and do it daily.

7) Start keeping a gratitude journal

8) Reconnect with old friends from college or high school.

9) Spend more quality time with family and friends.

10) Read at least one book a week. Mix it up- fiction & nonfiction.

11) Have an art adventure weekly- go to a play, museum, concert, comedy show.

12) Mentor a younger colleague in your workplace.

13) Take a training in your workplace. Learn a different approach or new skill.

14) If you are single, try online dating. You never know.

15) Swim and play in the ocean. Ride the waves.

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