Five small cities fit for boomers’ retirement

We’re always on the lookout for good advice (for you!). This time we found it at our friends’ site HuffPost50, where associate editor Yahana Shah has written about five top cities — small ones — which are good places for baby boomers to retire.

After a lifetime of saving and planning for retirement, you don’t want to blow it by moving to a place where your dollar just doesn’t go very far. While some metro areas may seem appealing for retirees seeking the city life, small cities offer plenty of perks, too. recently released their rankings of the best small cities (population under 100,000) to retire in after reviewing 971 cities across the United States. Their methodology considered cost of living, taxes, senior population, and the strength of the local economy, as well as transportation and healthcare.

Thanks in part to its robust public transportation system and proximity to New York City, Fort Lee, New Jersey grabbed the #1 top spot.

Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, this small community is ideal for retirees seeking the perks of small town living with close proximity to the offerings of a major metropolitan city. Fort Lee has a significant boomer population — nearly 25 percent — and has a strong transportation system making it easy to get around and make your way to the Big Apple.

2. Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Located approximately ten miles outside of Pittsburgh, Bethel Park is a top pick thanks to its low average home prices, which fall just under $200,000. There are plenty of activities for baby boomers, with it having a sizable 65+ population — plus it’s just a stone’s throw from Steel City.

3. Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota, Florida.

Sarasota, Florida.

No retirement ranking list would be complete without a Florida city making an appearance. This west-Florida coastal city will be a favorite among would-be retirees for more than just sun and sand. Social Security income isn’t taxed here, according to NerdWallet, and with a large senior population, the area offers highly rated healthcare.

4. Oro Valley, Arizona

Home nestled in the natural scenery at Oro Valley, Arizona, north of Tucson.

Home nestled in the natural scenery at Oro Valley, Arizona, north of Tucson.

One of two Arizona cities rounding out the top five, Oro Valley is located just north of Tucson. The economy in the area is booming, NerdWallet says, with the city rapidly becoming a bit of a “tech hub.” Retirees can stay fit by utilizing the area’s top-notch golf courses and tennis courts, as well as by exploring many nearby state and national parks.

5. Prescott, Arizona


Region around Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott is a terrific choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Situated around a hundred miles north of Phoenix, Prescott offers many hiking trails, camping, and tons of natural beauty in its surrounding national forests, and in the beautiful Granite Dells.


  1. The one thing I have learned from living over 60 years is that I don’t want to live anywhere near any size city ever again… My goal? To not spend one more minute of my precious life sitting in traffic!

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