Where business with boomers is picking up

When a baby boomer names her blog “Adventures of the New Old Farts,” we’ve just got to take a look. And the pictures alone make it worth our time. This is by the Midlife Crisis Queen Laura Lee Carter, who relocated a few years ago to one of the most scenic parts of Colorado and business, she says, business with boomers is picking up.

Ever since Mike and I “discovered” this rural section of southern Colorado in 2013, we’ve been wondering why others aren’t moving here. Come to find out; they are!


The realtors around here are having record months lately. And why not? The beauty of this place in spring is astounding!

I asked Susie at Acorn Realty about the local market when I saw that there were 12 home sales in the small town of Walsenburg in April. She was excited to see so much interest in our area, and attributes her improving sales figures to — DRUM ROLL — baby boomers, who know a great deal when they see one! Those homes sold for $20,000 to $200,000!


Also, as the county has begun to allow more marijuana grow operations, business has picked up. In fact, we should have quite a few more jobs here in the near future and they should pay well.


At present this county is such a mix of poor families, run-down houses, and fantastic mountain views to the west. And with land and home prices so reasonable right now, I cannot imagine that it won’t grow quickly!


  1. Thank you for an excellent overview of the Boomer boom in Colorado. A similar migration is taking place in Texas. Our move from the Dallas/Fort Worth area (teeming with millions of residents) to the small town of Clifton (less the 3,500) was an adventure. For those willing to relocate, you can still find bargains in residential and business properties. We downsized from a large home and moved into a 1906 building, opening a business in the front (my wife’s dream come true) and building out a small but comfortable studio apartment in the back. We call it “loft living in the country” and often tell our friends, “We retired crazy good.” Main street is our front yard, so we have the best seats for events like the annual Christmas parade. We walk to most places, like the Post Office and the CLIFTEX (in business since 1916, it’s the oldest continuously running movie theater in Texas). And, the support from our neighbors is over the top, which helped us feel at home from day one. Based on how relocating enabled us to simplify our lives and make our dreams come true, I recommend taking a close look at what small towns have to offer.

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