Boomers should put together finance and fitness

Our friend, San Antonio fitness guru Bob Merz, makes a convincing argument that fitness and finance go together. He calls it Boomer Fitness Econ 101.

I often hear people say that they can’t improve their fitness because they can’t afford to get fit — they can’t afford to spend the money on a fitness club membership or some simple equipment for a very basic home gym. Well ya know, we really, really can’t afford not getting fit and staying fit, especially we boomers.

Bob Merz

Bob Merz

There is a real economic argument for investing in our own fitness. For example, compare the cost of fitness versus the cost of medication. It’s been proven that being fit can greatly reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for some medications and regular doctor visits for certain ailments. I’ve been lucky, because I began a regular fitness regimen some years back and haven’t developed ailments or needed medications as I age.

Experts tell us that monthly medical costs for an average 50+ person in the U.S. can run in the hundreds of dollars for medications alone, let alone visits to the doctor. I personally know people who spend hundreds each month on medications because they suffer from high blood pressure and high cholesterol and so forth. But of course, the core problem is, they are not fit.

Now, let’s compare those costs to the cost of a health club membership — a club where we can work at improving our fitness level and avoid many common ills. For example, monthly fees at typical fitness clubs have a very broad range, anywhere from as low as $10 up to $100+, depending on the facility and frills – still lots cheaper than most meds. What decision is there to make already?

Merz_BOOMER FitnessEcon

Or, compare the cost of very simple equipment you can use at home like walking shoes, bands, an exercise mat, small dumbbells. There is just no comparison to the big dollars we could drop at the pharmacy and the doctor’s office.

We really shouldn’t think of our fitness dollars as an expense, but as an investment in our healthy future. By investing a few dollars in our fitness, we’ll not only save big bucks on medications and doctor visits, but we’ll be able to turn around and spend those saved dollars on enjoying a better boomer lifestyle.

Need more convincing? Okay, here goes.

Being even 15% overweight, which equates to 26%+ body fat for men and 32%+ for women, puts you at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and even some forms of cancer, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. But this isn’t necessarily an age-related issue. It is more of an activity-related issue, or should I say lack of activity issue. So get active!

Several clients who began with me while taking lots of prescription medications have lost weight and taken themselves down to a healthier body-fat percentage. Consequently, they’ve reduced or eliminated their medications at their doctors’ directive.

50PlusPlusfitCan’t afford a personal trainer? Well there are some more affordable alternatives, like books, or group fitness classes, most of which are free with a club membership. Or check out our 50plusPlusFit Online Personal Trainer for exercises, at-home exercise routines, workout programs for weight loss, meal plans, a calorie counter, and more.

Consider the really negative financial issues if you don’t get fit, like doctors’ visits, hospital stays, surgeries, other treatments, and lost time at work. Serious illnesses such as heart attacks and cancer have been known to bankrupt families —– even those fortunate enough to have good health insurance.

Finally, another cost, which can’t really be quantified in dollars, is the time lost from your everyday life. Being laid up with an illness often prevents you from participating in activities you enjoy. You find yourself captive in your own home —– or worse, in a hospital —- rather than spending time with friends and family, or going to a movie or your favorite restaurant. This might be the most compelling cost relationship of all. You may be alive but not actually living the complete boomer life.

So, isn’t it really about time to get and stay fit? Pursuing an active 50plusPlusFit boomer lifestyle can add up to some real cost savings, in the wallet … and in life.

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