A sense of Worth from a boomer poet

April is Poetry Month. So it seems right that BoomerCafé’s Poet-in-Residence Harriet Shenkman of Westchester, New York, treats us to her newest poem, called Worth.

I love you sooo much.

Do you mean
giant-like-an-elephant love,
deep as an ocean?

I mean a bunch.

Like a bag of gold coins?
A chest of jewels?

A hopeless look in her
four-year-old eyes.

Nooo, a bunch of M & M’s.

Reaching out for a long hug,
I’m thrilled to be valued
at a fistful of chocolates

instead of one ninth
of a camel
by an Ayatollah in Qom.

Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman


  1. fine poem. have considered submitting, but, alas, my nov. ’43 birthday precludes me from cafe consideration. too bad there’s no cafe for ‘just before boomer’

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