What’s up with baby boomer exotic chair dancing?

One baby boomer always on the lookout for something new is Diane Owens of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Her newest find? Exotic Chair Dancing. It’s not your grandma’s exercise routine.

I just took my first chair dancing class at Inversions, a local pole fitness studio.

owens_chair_poleAnd I’m almost at a loss for words to describe it.

Let’s just say it’s not grandma sitting on a straight-backed chair watching a nice lady on TV and extending her arms up and down to get in a little activity.

This was exotic chair dancing.

Five other women (much younger) and I met in a darkened room with sultry music playing and followed the instructor’s lead in a seductive, booty-shaking, sashaying, hip-swaying, back-arching fitness routine.

The woman in front of me was wearing sky-high stilettos. And everyone but me was tossing their hair as they moved (wish I had longer hair!)

It was definitely unique — and a real workout for the core, hips, legs, and glutes. I now have a new appreciation for the physical strength exotic dancers must have!

owens_legsWe used a metal folding chair on a yoga mat (to stabilize it) as a prop while we slowly and rhythmically pointed and lifted our legs way up and out behind us, to the side, and splayed open and shut up in the air in front of us.

We did some movements while standing behind the chair, leaning over it (booties up) with forearms resting on the seat, and some of it seated.

The trick was doing the routine without falling off the chair or tipping it over. (OK -– someone toppled off their chair during the class but I swear it wasn’t me …)

Diane Owens

Diane Owens

After the intense hour-long workout, I couldn’t resist asking the instructor when and how the people in the class would use what they learned. She said that chair dancing is empowering for women to freely move their bodies in a very physical, sensual way without fear of judgement. I can understand and appreciate that. She does it for the physical workout and other women do it to spice things up and entertain the men in their life (who love it).

I think, though, that I’ll chalk the night up as an “exciting, new experience” and leave it at that! A career as a burlesque dancer is probably not in my future …

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