A boomer uses the past to explain the present

Wayne Merry of Stokesdale, North Carolina, makes a living by helping people recollect their past. So the past is important to Wayne. Which might help explain why the present is driving him a little mad.

Father Knows Best … No, REALLY He Did!

Yes, that was a very good show back in the day. Today it is from another world, and the Generations X-Y-and-Z , The Millenniums, and now the Boomlets have no clue what it was really about. Advice based on real life knowledge and not from a search engine! Of course when I say these things, I get that blank face from someone who has been online too long.

Mayne Merry

Mayne Merry

When we had family dinners back in the day, we sat at one table, together and shared politely the events in the family’s comings and goings of everyone’s day. Then Dad would usually have the last comment and some words of wisdom, and you never laughed, challenged, smart-mouthed back, or even looked sideways at your siblings!

You might not have liked his words, or agreed with them, or even listened to them past the second sentence but somehow they got embedded into your grey matter like a bad sci-fi movie to be recalled 30, 40, 50 and more years later.

But the younger generations, they don’t even listen. They are not at a family dinner table anymore. They are not even paying attention as they are “connected” to this thing called the Internet.

Merry_signHey bud, take your buds out. Hey, the Internet is one of the greatest tools man has created in the last twenty years. But it is just that … a tool. A hammer can make a house. But if you are only taking in videos from YouTube or Google posts and Facebook rants, you will likely not build anything.

I am not going to post all the sayings my dad said because you have heard them many, many times. But, I will say to all the know-it-all younger generations, “Hey, we have been there and seen that dog and pony show.”

Sorry, it just snuck in there.

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  1. I also remember those meals, where we ate as a family and it was what was expected of us. We were all to be home for dinner. In my house, it was also clear that both mom and dad were the ones in charge. Thanks for the memories Wayne, and although every generation feels the next has somehow lost something, I do agree that we are witnessing something a little different these days, what with the internet, cell phones, iPads and the like, and it is, in my opinion, not all good.

  2. Mom used to ring a cow bell on the back patio to bring us home for dinner from playing in the neighborhood, outside, for the family dinner with everyone. The only time ear buds are acceptable is on the plane with a crying baby because at all other times, you are cut off from the outside world. I own a dumb cell phone and do not text. I am dumbstruck to see all these people, walking , looking down at their smartphones, completely oblivious and missing what is happening around them.

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