What ever happened to Nancy in the comics?

Boomers, this will definitely take you back! Back to the good ol’ days when … gulp … Nancy and Sluggo were a big deal in the comics. BoomerCafe’s Poet-In-Residence Harriet Shenkman of Westchester, New York, is back with her own look back, asking, What Ever Happened to Nancy?

nancy_stampNancy sported an Afro, her bow
resting like a bird in a black nest.
She never wore a mini skirt.

The most she ever dared
was to reform Sluggo. Still,
she got me in big trouble.

“You took my daughter’s Nancy comics,”
a neighbor yelled, threatening
to report me to the Principal.

“We’re not on school property,” I said.
Mother ordered me to give the comic back,
fear lurking in her immigrant eyes.

Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman

Like a newborn hitting the cold air,
I had to face the hard truth. She wasn’t
going to be Medusa warding off evil.

She wouldn’t let me hide under her skirt
when Mr. Bluster appeared or shield me
from mauling lions at the zoo.

What ever happened to Nancy?

I don’t hold a grudge.
Rumor is she made it into a Warhol print
and a US postage stamp.

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Eric Mondschein

Thanks for the memories. You brought a smile to my face on this cold spring day.

Pat Kennedy

Back in the day, my dad taught me and all of my siblings to read, using Nancy and Gasoline Alley as a primer. This brought cool memories.


I loved reading the comics on Sunday mornings. Maybe that’s why Sundays are still my favorite day.