These baby boomers are living their dream

It might or might not be every baby boomer’s dream, but Marti and Ed Kirkpatrick, formerly of Dickerson, Maryland, are now living the dream. Their dream. They are living and traveling full time in their 25-foot Winnebago. They’re blogging too. Here’s how they now believe life ought to be lived.

After 43 loving years together laboring for both the corporate world and ourselves, raising two fine young men, and actually accomplishing a shared dream of designing and building our perfect home, we knew we were not truly content. We were getting physically and mentally tired of maintaining too many flower gardens and too much house, even though it allowed us the delight of seeing our “baby” Kevin married in the front yard to a girl we adore.

Ed and Marti, celebrating wide open spaces.

Ed and Marti, celebrating wide open spaces.

There was also the ever-present emotional exhaustion of having buried our oldest, Scott, at Arlington National Cemetery in August of 2007. We needed a change, a big one, and so with Kevin’s blessing we fulfilled another long-shared dream. We bought a 25 foot RV, and this past Fall we sold our farm, moved into the motorhome, and set off to see the USA and Canada for as long as it takes.

RV water pipes don’t function well in extended cold, so we headed straight for New Orleans (NOLA) and a few days with an amazing collection of “anything goes” in attire, lifestyle, music, food, and alcohol. Having lived our whole lives in the Washington D.C. area, populated with (real or imagined) high-powered, hard-charging, important people all working vital jobs, NOLA was the perfect wake-up call to slow down, talk with total strangers, and enjoy the moment.

Now, working our way to the southwest, we have purposely avoided Eisenhower’s wonderful Interstate Highway System, trying to stick to the back roads, some of them WAY back, (yeah, we survived that one), but all beautiful and exciting. Almost every place we go leads to a discovery of ever-changing landscapes, a community large or tiny, with warm, welcoming, honestly friendly and interesting people, and most rewardingly, a surprising release of where we were and acceptance of how we’ve moved forward.

We’re living the life and can’t wait to see what’s over the next hill!

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