A baby boomer envisions The Greatest Pirate

A few months ago, we ran a fun poem by Columbia, South Carolina baby boomer Robert McGinness. It was called, “Grandma doesn’t know anything.” Well, we just got a new poem from Robert … and a new note, saying, “I realize that you present well-written, serious articles. Unfortunately, the following poem is neither.” But it is fun, so here it is, called, The Greatest Pirate.


Bring her into the wind, my boys,
she’ll soon be abaft the beam.
Then fire the cannons,
and loosen the sails,
and listen while maidens scream.

Robert McGinness

Robert McGinness

Swing from the yardarms, onto her deck,
and see what her treasures are worth.
The talk in the port
will be, Captain Maurice,
“The greatest pirate on earth.”

Smoke disappears, he sits in his den,
no treasure, no mainsheet to splice.
As he looks through his glass,
from the couch he commands,
“Hon, can you bring me more ice?”

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  1. Hey — fun is important too!
    I plan to memorize this poem and from now on I’m reciting it to every library patron who checks out a nautical adventure book (And I can assure you that the readers who check these books out are all male, and mostly Boomers.)

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