Life for a baby boomer is an odyssey. So is love.

Life for a baby boomer is an odyssey. So is love. That’s what makes this personal tale from Larry Lefkowitz of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, so moving. Because a lot of us have had odysseys like his. Odysseys with our relationships.

For some time now, I have wanted to write an article about my relationship, but it just seemed too personal or needing of a happy ending. Much thought ensued. I waited; I delayed; I feared talking about it would somehow jinx it.

Larry Lefkowitz

Larry Lefkowitz

Yet, there are things I want to tell you. At this time in life, I had settled for knowing that I have had relationships, good and bad, but that now not having one was okay. There is a lot to to be said for solitude and frankly, a good deal of freedom as well.

But there is also loneliness and a distinct lack of humor when you are alone. The truth is, I wanted a lasting relationship based on humor, love, and compassion, but I never thought I would find one again. I had only really experienced this once in my adult life and consequences conspired to erode and extinguish that. I knew that it would actually have to happen either by magic or kismet. I did not know how, or even if, this would or could happen.

Time. Patience. Two things I felt were in short supply to me. I am not patient and I am also not getting any younger. In fact, like it or not, the end is a heck of a lot closer than the beginning, so could I have the kind of relationship I wanted, yet take the time to develop and enrich one at this age? Well, with very little thought, I determined that any relationship worth its salt would have to take time to develop no matter what. So, what next?

I must now digress. Through a friend, I was given the opportunity to do a guest DJ stint at a local public radio station. I love music and it was suggested that I present a show for an hour on my favorite band, The Beatles. So I did the show, and it was great fun. The professional DJ I sat with encouraged me to apply to the station with the ultimate goal of getting my own show. After contemplating this for a spell, I did apply and some time later, I did get my own program, which I call “The Other Side.”

Which is a prelude to telling you that this is where I met Ms. C, the woman that inspired this story.

Not a storybook love at first site, I got to know her and like her; respect and admire her. I fell in love with her. What a great feeling. Something I never expected would happen had happened.

Does she love me? I think so. Is she in love with me? I don’t know. What I do know is that we are good together and love develops like roots of a good tree given enough care. Can I be patient for her love to grow? I can. I must. Will she be the one to walk with me into the sunset? I hope so. What I do know is that right now, at this age, at this time, I am prepared to work as hard as I know how to make her happy and enjoy the happiness at my door.

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  1. Wow! Loved your story. It was very personal and no doubt a little difficult to write.

    Love will find you when you are least looking for it. No doubt your lady friend saw your passion in your show “The Other Side”. She saw a happy, energetic and motivated man. A real turn on!!! You’ve won on two fronts – doing something you love and meeting someone you have fallen in love with. Life is good. Wishing you and your lady a lifetime of happiness.

    1. Thank you so much, Joslyn. There is a component to this, and that is learning to accept love. I promise to revisit this with Boomer readers in the future.

  2. Nice story, Larry! I also found love again after 50, and think I’m much better in a relationship today than I was when younger. For me, one thing that works is keeping my own place.

  3. Love your story Larry! Though unemployed and unhappy, I decided at age 49 that finding love again was my highest priority. It worked! I found the love of my life ten miles away and we’ve been building on that dream ever since. Now we’re building a solar home in southern Colorado and just as happy as I ever dreamed I could be…

  4. Thank you, Larry, for not giving up and being so open about it! At 62 I am on the adventure of my life which was set into motion by meeting a man via online dating and then writing a book about the adventure. Looking back, I can’t even believe how brave that was. To ignore the fear and go with my gut. Life is short and I still have much to do and relationships will certainly get you there faster 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mindy. With time so short, the risks seem greater, but to not take them seems a bigger risk of passing up happiness. Best of luck with your adventure.

  5. Thanks Larry for your inspiring comments on love. You are correct in that at this point in our lives, our priorities are different for seeking out a companion and we have much more patience with which to do so. Two years ago I purposefully decided to become celibate and not keep wasting my time with ANY relationship that did not have hope of developing into a caring, loving and hopefully lifetime collaboration. Although my search continues (passively), I have not regretted a moment of my decision and have found that I have been able to live a richer, fuller life because of it. Much happiness to you and Ms.C!

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