11 must haves in boomer homes for better retirement lifestyle

Baby boomers have either reached the age of retirement or are getting close. And, for many boomers, timely questions arise, including where’s an ideal place to retire and what sort of lifestyle is desired. BoardroomMetrics.com takes it a step further to ask, what are the “must haves” for retirement lifestyle. Here are results by writer Tina Jagros.

“As a baby boomer, I want to be happy with my retirement lifestyle!”

boomers-papers-house_editedIdentifying the specifics of what it is we are looking for in our next home is key to finding that happiness. Our diversity, as I mentioned in my first blog has made it clear that there is no “one size fits all” approach for us. We can certainly use the “5 Real Estate Trends” to help us answer the question of where we will live. But what are we looking for in the home itself? What attributes will make it perfect for us now?

Quite simply it’s all about us. We want to be active doing the things we love, while offloading things we don’t. So what does that mean in our new home?

11 Must Haves in the Ideal Baby Boomer Retirement Home

  1. One floor living – Overwhelmingly for our retirement living, we all want to have our main rooms on one level, including Master Bedroom & Ensuites, Laundry Room, Kitchen with Eating Spaces and Great Rooms. For some of us this may be a response to mobility issues – for many it’s the convenience factor
  2. minimalist-country-side-home-ideasLarge Eat-in kitchens – Many of us have enjoyed a chef’s kitchen in our previous homes or have promised ourselves one in our next. Either way this is a critical issue as both men and women enjoy cooking or entertaining for themselves and for family and friends. For more casual lifestyles, formal dining rooms are less of a priority but a large enough eating space in or near the kitchen is key.
  3. Home offices – We already know that a large percentage of us have decided we will need or want to continue working. Many will work from home. Others are looking for a private sanctuary to read or “follow” friends and interests on social media.
  4. Energy star rated appliances – Once again anything that helps cutback on work or provides a bit of extra indulgence will be appreciated.
  5. Technology equipped homes – Boomers have proven they are interested in new wave technology. WiFi TVs, smart homes with security features and connectivity will all play a part in everyday life.
  6. Wider doors and hallways – With aging comes the need for walkers and wheelchairs for some. This may be for aging parents initially but for us later!
  7. boomers-house_editedBetter lighting and bigger windows – to help with dimming eyesight. Enough said.
  8. Easy to maintain exteriors and landscaping – Obviously we will be looking at no or low maintenance windows, decks, siding and gardens. Our outdoor living includes terraces or decks for entertaining but lawn cutting and snow removal is a no-no.
  9. Flex space to allow for guests or hobbies. A Guest Room or a Hobby room for a little peace and quiet.
  10. Security – Whether its alarm systems or concierges, personal security becomes increasingly important. Also with many of us traveling, for extended periods of time in the winter, knowing all is well at the homestead helps us enjoy our time away.
  11. Garage storage – While many of us will be giving up two cars, some of us will be adding different kinds of vehicles to the list: ATV’s, Snowmobiles, even Motorcycles for the more adventuresome.

What does this list say about us as baby boomers?


It means that our new retirement lifestyle is a second chance at life; a time to enjoy the family, friends, health and hobbies we may have neglected in our hectic middle age.

Special thanks to Boardroom Metrics.

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  1. These are great tips on things boomers need for their homes. They’re good for boomers selecting a new home or for items boomers can add.

    Rita blogging at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide

  2. You didn’t mention a shower. And the floor plan doesn’t show one in the master bath. I’m always amazed at how few builders recognize that climbing in and out of a tub is a hazard as you get older. That plan has two tubs! A shower of the same size with floor level entry isn’t just attractive, it’s more practical.

    1. very true. My dad just passed away at 93, my brother and I took care of his for the last two years of his life. I may have his longevity genes. Showering was an issue. What I can see is a walk in shower or tub are essential.

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