A baby boomer rants about the national debt

BoomerCafé’s Ranter-In-Residence, Maryland resident and author Carrier Slocomb, has been watching the growth of the national debt with the same concern as the rest of us. But the difference between Carrier and the rest of us is, he has a solution. A baby boomer’s “can-do” solution. Sort of.

Please bear with me – I know this can be heady stuff. It’s just that you don’t have to be an American to worry about our national debt. You can come from any one of our creditor countries and lose sleep over how much our nation has borrowed from you.

Carrier Slocomb

Carrier Slocomb

But do we worry? That sleepless money worry? We’re boomers and we’ve taken on more worries than we have room for. What’s worse is, our worries have morphed into tangible possessions that clutter our rooms, closets, and basements. Stuff rules, doesn’t it?! And here we thought the dog did.

A percentage of our worry must be the national debt that we’re leaving behind for our kids and grandkids. I’m no money magnate… or, magnet -– I’ve lost more money in stocks and bonds than I thought possible. But are you convinced our government is really solving our debt crisis; that they even know how to?

From what I understand, the Fed placed more money into circulation in the last six years than all previous ninety-five years combined. They’ve been working hard, printing lots of money so as to correct our economy. Those in the know say that we owe close to $100 trillion overall. Is printing tons of unbackable currency the best way out of debt for our kids and grandkids?


I like to think of us boomers as a ‘glass half-full’ generation. Our parents may have been the “Greatest Generation ever,” but we are most certainly the “Can-do birth group.” And here’s the sort of “can-do” solution to our national debt that we should seriously act on. Because it’s what every family does when they need to raise instant cash. Just remember, you heard it here first on BoomerCafé.

Like I said, there are those who say that our nation actually owes around $100,000,000,000,000. Difficult to wrap your head around, isn’t it? Now think big -– really big, because this is a problem that has a simple grassroots solution and this is it: I’ve looked up the total amount in assets that we Americans actually own. Fortunately for us our combined assets exceed what our nation owes. So here’s the deal: we pull out all the stops and we sell our stuff worldwide! I’m not talking about auctioning all our stuff to the highest bidder; ten-percent due the auction house would be too difficult to part with. But we are thinking globally and acting locally. We advertise across the planet for a weekend next spring. Nationwide, we set aside our yards to hold a house to house, business to business, joint base to joint base old-fashioned Yard Sale.

Time for the U.S. to have a huge yard sale.

Time for America to have a huge yard sale.

That’s right, all 315.6 million of us, in or out of uniform, Admirals, housewives, company CFOs, store clerks, Army corporals, single dads, and busy IT people all working toward the same patriotic solution -– tagging and selling every last thing we own, including our land, tanks, highway bridges, tea cups, office buildings, our attack submarines, old LPs, and our grandest homes. And when this huge Yard Sale is done by day’s end, we send every penny we earned to the Fed to pay off our national debt. Is this ‘Can-do’ or what?!

I knew my fellow boomers would love this one. Okay then, so how much should a barely used exercise bike and a ten-pound weight go for? Hey, does anyone know where to buy those little white tags with string through them?

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