What happens to vocational jobs when baby boomers retire?

Labor … namely, vocational skills. What happens when boomers retire and younger generations don’t want to get their hands dirty?

The baby boomer retirement cycle is underway in North America and Europe with thousands of highly experienced people picking up their retirement options and heading out the doors. This fact made the people at Adecco USA curious about the future of vocational jobs.  Adecco engaged Neomam Studios in Manchester, England, to create a visual way to illustrate what’s happening to those jobs that require skilled workers.

Adecco asked the question — With baby boomers occupying the majority of vocational-trade positions, and the younger generations steering clear of them, who will handle these labor-intensive jobs?

The problem is significant and as acute in North America as in Europe.  So, the team at Neomam Studios created this infographic to try to find answers or at least, show the troubling trend visually.


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