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We got this poem out of the blue, and decided to make it black, as in, black font on your computer screen. Why? Because Robert McGinness of Columbia, South Carolina, has written a funny poetic piece to which we baby boomers can all relate, since we are the ones he’s talking about … the ones implicated in his title, “Grandma Doesn’t Know Anything.”

Robert McGinness

Robert McGinness

“Grandma Doesn’t Know Anything”

When we say Star Wars
she thinks we’re talking, about a movie from long ago,
and far, far away
from today, instead of the videos from Lego.
(There’s so many things that she doesn’t know.)

When we say tennis
she thinks we’re going, out to play, so she puts on a coat.
We have to say
we’re going to play, Wii in the rec-room with the remote.
(I’m not even sure they should still let her vote.)

Girl Gardener_SnapseedWhen she was a kid
with no internet, or satellite dish or computer,
she says that she had
a lot to do, ‘course there’s no one around to dispute her.
(She even claims she was thinner and cuter.)

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  1. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I found Mr. McGinness’ “poem” somewhat insulting to all “grandmas.” He is not talking about me, and I do not relate. His lack of sensitivity is not humorous. How about writing with compassion, sensitivity, empathy, understanding, and grace; or, choose another subject.

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