Lots of baby boomers are into something new

There is little we like better here at BoomerCafé than the ongoing proof that lots of baby boomers are into something new. That’s especially true for BoomerCafé’s Ranter-In-Residence, Maryland’s Carrier Slocomb. He has taken a little time off from his rants to write, instead, a history … some might say, the real history of New England. Here’s the beginning of his new book, The Great Great Blue.

There had been three mailed messages in a row, each growing in intensity, but the last message was clearly a masterstroke: “Wurst news yet – we got ratted out. Meet me you know where 2AM Wed.” Why this was so decisive was that it prompted the man living on the ketch to finally sober up, hoist anchor, and leave the safety of port. But more than that, this last message made certain that the man sailed at night alone.

Carrier Slocomb

Carrier Slocomb

He was not alone, however. Shortly after four that morning the ketch unwittingly took on an intruder. Having swum eighty yards from shore, the intruder easily climbed up the mooring line onto the port bow. He knew the ketch well, and he knew the man’s habits.

That the man in the ketch drank hard was what nailed him. Laying in port, boozing to extremes, living off a blood inheritance did much to darken his character, yet it was a pattern set many decades before, and the man was too much the coward to change it. For his part, the intruder counted on the booze to grease his way in; it was what got him onboard unnoticed. Generally, his target slept wherever he fell, either slumped in the cockpit, below on the cabin sole, or half-off a rack in the after-berth. Knowing this, the intruder came aboard by way of the foc’sle. From there he made his way to the spare sail locker where he would quietly wait out the next eighteen hours…

Slocomb_book_coverWhen the ketch got underway around ten that morning, the intruder passed the time playing pool with his memory, chalking a mental stick. Each ball represented someone close to him: sister, brothers, father – mother even – with higher numbers being those kin he never knew but felt obligated to avenge. Though the balls were brilliantly colored, to the intruder each ball looked gray; gray because the people they represented were long gone dead. To bring them peace and rest, the intruder envisioned himself emerging that night, finally doing to the man topside what he’d dreamed of doing to him for the last twenty years.

Dig your way into a New England past you never knew existed,
Back to a time when property, wealth, and breeding were earned the
Old fashioned way – they stole and slaughtered for it.
The Great Great Blue is an epic tale of two families,
One rich, the other poor, bound together for centuries by forgotten bloody events;
The novel follows a father driven by retribution and vengeance
And a son determined to redeem himself and the old man at last …

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  1. Thank you for your positive replies; much appreciated. The rest of the story is on Amazon.com as an ebook, should you be interested in more. Hope you’ll all look into it there too. Enjoy… Carrier

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