How to set your baby boomer fitness goals

Many people at our age look at the calendar, then look at the flab in their midsections, and say, “Well, time to slow down.” But our friend and fitness guru Bob Merz says, they’re going in precisely the wrong direction. Which is why he wrote this piece for BoomerCafé called, Setting Your Boomer Fitness Goals.

Goals, objectives, targets … we set them or establish them throughout our lives. And by the time we’re Boomers we’ve set plenty and hopefully reached at least most of them. Has one of your objectives been to be really fit, maybe for the first time in your life? No? Well it sure as heck isn’t too late. Whether you have just turned 50 or are speeding toward 70, there is no time like the present to set personal goals to improve your level of fitness.

So here are some quick tips to get you started

Think Short-Term First

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you didn’t get out of shape, or “de-conditioned” as we trainers say, overnight! Nor will you get fit, lose those extra pounds, or regain lost strength next week. Set goals that are realistic and attainable. Yes, set long-term goals, but set shorter goals as well, ones you can see and reach in short order, like next month.


Commit … To Writing

Write your goals down on a piece of paper, bright yellow or orange. Then tape them to the fridge, on the bathroom wall near the scale, on your dashboard (so you don’t drive right past the gym), and anywhere else that will remind you of what you want for yourself. This is a physical record that you’ve committed to you, for you.

They’re Your Goals, But Share

The support of others can be powerful. Tell your best friends and closest family what you want to do. Tell them how excited you are that you’ve committed to a fit life, and encourage them to check up on your progress. You’ll be surprised at how excited others can be for you, and they’ll really “get into it.”

Keep A Schedule

Fitness guru Bob Merz

Fitness guru Bob Merz

We have busy lives. Life can easily get in the way and working out sometimes gets the short stick. Avoid this by scheduling your workouts on a calendar, just like any other work or social appointment. You’ll find a terrific planner/calendar with printable workout log in the 50plusPlusFit Online Personal Trainer and phone app. Also, whenever you find a spare minute, find ways to sneak in a little extra exercise, like doing a few squats while standing at your desk, taking the stairs, or doing some crunches or push-ups while watching the boob tube.

Say “Cheers To Me!”

You’re dedicated and working hard at getting fit, so every time you reach one of your short term goals (see above), celebrate and reward yourself. You deserve it! A little reward for a small but significant step forward will act as a great motivator to keep you on track for achieving your ultimate goal. And I’m not one to say your reward can’t be a favorite food you’ve cut back on or reduced. You do deserve to maintain your lifestyle and some semblance of normalcy after all. So maybe your little reward is pizza during a night out with the family, or a second glass of red wine at a dinner with friends. Of course you can also reward yourself with non-food items like a new workout outfit -– looking snazzy at the gym!


Just remember, these are your goals. So set them realistically, commit, share, schedule, celebrate … and you’ll be a fit boomer in no time!

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