The eternal question – to have perfect hair

Here’s a time-honored question: are we baby boomers perfect, or what? Well, sometimes the answer is, what! What’s where boomer Sandra Nachlinger, who describes herself as “a displaced Texan, living in Auburn, Washington,” finds herself. Sandra writes romance novels, but somehow just can’t find the novel look she wants for herself! Sometimes, she says, things are just too perfect.

Smooth and shiny. Cute and curly. Long and luxurious. With perms, razor cuts, and special conditioners, I’ve struggled for years to force my stubborn locks into the current style.

Sandy Nachlinger

Sandy Nachlinger

Moisturizing, volumizing, revitalizing; coconut, herbal, or milk, I’ve poured a drugstore full of shampoos and conditioners onto my head with one eye on a magazine ad and a heart full of hope. Maybe this time, the hair in my mirror would match the ‘do on the model.

After years of trial and error, I finally found a style that suits my fine straight hair. It doesn’t take long to fix and looks the same no matter how much (or little) I spend on “product.” I gloried in the knowledge that this one area of my aging body had been whipped into shape.

Until last Thursday.

That’s when my hairdresser said, “Your hair looks too perfect.”

The familiar face that looked back at me in the mirror had raised eyebrows and a gaping mouth. “Too perfect? How can it be too perfect.”

Then she explained. It seems that these days, hairstyles are meant to be unstructured. “Not so round or smooth,” she said. “More like hers.”

The late Phyllis Diller

The late Phyllis Diller

I turned to stare at the young woman in the chair to my left, only to see crayon red hair that looked like it had been trimmed with a chain saw and styled with a leaf blower. Visions of Phyllis Diller and Albert Einstein came to mind. I hoped her hair would look better after the hairdresser had done her magic. But, no. What I saw was the finished style. The woman slipped out of her smock, smiled, and made her way toward the cashier.

I frowned at the stylist by my side, her scissors at the ready.

I shuddered. “Maybe next time.” (But probably not.) Why mess with perfection?

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  1. Your hair looks too perfect? That’s an insult? I’m with you — I’m sticking with perfection. Over a decade ago, I found a cut, color and style that works for me and I’m sticking with it.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  2. Thank you, Boomer Cafe, for posting my essay about my “perfect hair” experience. I hope it brought some smiles! I also appreciate the link to my latest romance novel. FYI: Bluebonnets for Elly is also available in ebook format for only $5.99.

  3. Loved this article! Of course, I also happen to be best friends with the author of it. I envy Sandy’s blond hairstyle which rarely shows any gray. My brunette bob basically stays the same, except for the white roots that appear every six weeks or so. Then, my mood changes, and I feel like a rabid skunk with a white stripe down its tail. But after a trip to my stylist, some color, and a trim, I am back to my “perfect” hairstyle, thank goodness!

  4. My rather short hair changes styles almost daily. I’m never able to do it the same way twice in a row. Blow dry it fluffy? Blow dry it smooth? Some gel and air dry for the wet look. Do nothing and look as if I came in from a gale? Bed head combed to remove rooster tails? I guess it’s not too perfect!

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