We are not stuck in the ruts of our parents

When it comes to baby boomers, the advertisers have it wrong. All wrong. We’re not stuck in ruts as our parents were. We are open to new products, new activities, new ideas. Helen Chiasson figured that out, and did something about it.

Helen Chiasson

Helen Chiasson

A baby boomer’s call to life! As I approached the age of fifty, I was full of dread and apprehension of what this milestone signified in my life. As I approached the “big day” I became more consumed by the whole meaning of life. I can honestly say I have never spent so much time wringing my hands over something!

I decided to make a bold move and turn the page! I resigned from a senior leadership role in a large corporation. I needed to feel passion for my work. So in May, along with my sister, we launched an online magazine for fashion, trends, styling, and beauty information targeted to boomer women. It’s called styletti.com. It felt so good to be reaching and supporting other women like me who do not feel old or want to “go quietly into the night.”

We decided our mission should be to provide information for “real” women in our boomer generation who want to improve their looks, their prospects, and their personal brand. Our site is for women who may be intimidated by snooty fashion bloggers and catwalk fashion magazines they can’t relate to. It is for women who do not have the time to pull it all together.

Why does it matter? Because appearance is an essential part of women’s personal branding and it has never been more important. Unfortunately, woman are often judged and defined by their looks! Our information is simple and attainable.

We don’t talk about hot flashes or elastic waistbands! Ours is a fashion site for women who are ageless. Many of the retailers and fashion sites that try to address our needs are stumbling, because they do not acknowledge that the boomer population is different than previous generations and we don’t want to age the same way our parents did.

It feels so good to do something new and exciting as I navigate the feelings that go with being fifty. I now feel that turning fifty has provided me with wisdom and courage to inject more life into my life and has made me relentlessly passionate about helping other women be the best they can be.

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