Fleet of foot trumps fleeting diets for boomer

We baby boomers have lived long enough to see the food pyramid turn into the nutrition plate. What’s more, the foods on that plate — what’s good for you, what’s bad for you — have changed. Which is driving Larry Checco of Silver Springs, Maryland, a little mad. What he’s discovered is, Fleet of Foot Trumps Fleeting Diets Every Time!

What are health-conscious boomers to believe, especially those of us aging along with heart disease?!

Larry Checco

Larry Checco

For decades we were given dire warnings of how the consumption of fatty foods, especially those that come from red meat and dairy products, would bring us to an early end.

Now we’re being told that scientists, who once labeled fat as our enemy, were wrong.

A recent cover story in Time Magazine reports, “Now it’s becoming clear that even the saturated fat found in a medium rare steak or a slab ofbutter—public enemies Nos. 1 and 2—has a more complex and, in some cases, benign effect on the body than previously thought.”

Benign. BENIGN!!!

After all those years, nay, decades, of resisting— sometimes successfully, sometimes not— buttered toast, ice cream and the occasional steak, we’re now told that fat is not the death knell we had originally thought. In fact, it might actually be good for us.

Checco_shoeI give up!

In fact I gave up on dietary advice years ago when science started to rehabilitate eggs. Were you a consumer of egg-white-only Egg Beaters?

Turns out the yolk was on us.

Instead, I eat everything in moderation— and exercise daily.

In contrast to strict dietary restrictions, daily exercise has never wavered in the pantheon of good counsel.

That’s why most mornings will find me on a three-mile walk through my neighborhood.

Larry's walk about.

Larry’s walk about.

No ear buds funneling music or news into my brain. No, this is my time to blot out the world and listen to my own precious heartbeat for awhile.

No stopwatch to measure whether I’m keeping up with yesterday’s pace. Nope, I’m not competing for anything but my own thoughts, peace of mind, and serenity.

As I pass my neighbors’ homes with a sense of comfort and familiarity, I can feel my blood coursing through my veins, feeding and activating my brain, gently, quietly prepping me for my day.

These mornings constitute what I refer to as SMOJs— spontaneous moments of joy.

Larry Checco -- life is a merry go round.

Larry Checco — life is a merry go round.
(photo: Jay Clevenson)

Hey, I’m no doctor. Nor do I play one on TV. I’m just saying, this works for me— and it might work for you, as well.

It’s certainly worth a thought as you spread that newly rehabilitated pat of butter over your morning toast.

Larry Checco
© 2014

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  1. I’m with Larry.
    I swim a mile three times a week,
    bike 10-15 miles once or twice a week,
    and eat pretty much anything I feel like.
    oh, and I don’t drink, and don’t smoke,
    and haven’t done either for thirty years.
    life is good.
    Mick K.
    Hilo, Hawaii

  2. Hi Larry,

    I certainly understand your assumptions. The medical “news” which makes the front page
    is not always the way it looks. It is however head turning and it also may not be the whole truth. Most physicians know nothing about nutrition nor preventing chronic disease and there are also many websites whose products claim to cure your heart to your hemorrhoids with absolutely no science behind the claims! Quite a bit of scam. So, one cannot believe the media nor the internet.
    What is one to do? Well, first do research and find many original studies which arrive at the same conclusion, not the one which is contradicting the norm. Media loves this kind of information, it’s gossip in the medical world. Next, find out who is behind these “studies”. Is the meat organization sponsoring a study which praises all the benefits of fat in red meat? Hope we all have time to do this kind of critical thinking, because I know it’s so much easier to just read a magazine article and believe it to be the truth.
    Irene MD

  3. Hey Larry! Love the photos….and the common sense approach to senior living. As one of your old classmates, I can attest to the fact you have grown wiser as you’ve aged. I recently built a solar house in the historic downtown of Tucson. When friends wondered why I would leave the ‘burbs and a big house, I simply replied, “my sidewalks didn’t go anywhere!” Now I’ve got the sidewalks practically on top of my mini-front porch, but also have the museums, restaurants, coffee shops, volunteer opportunities to which I can walk….and even the 100 plus degree weather isn’t totally stopping me from touring the ‘hood regularly. I just returned from Greece and Italy and never have walked so much on a daily basis. The smaller towns (I just totally disliked the cities!) and fishing villages were a delight. I’m with you on your daily walk – unplugged from anything except mind-clearing thoughts and the enjoyment of city scapes. Keep on writing!

  4. Larry, as always, you enrich our lives each day that you share your musings our deep “pensieri”.

    La dolce vita would not be as sweet with you and your wise counsel and friendship to us all.

    dom savini

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