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BoomerCafé.com, 1999 to today.

It was about this time of year 15+ years ago that my old friend (and network news competitor) Greg Dobbs and I decided to launch a website called BoomerCafé.com. Its simple purpose was to provide an online forum for the voices of any and all baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.

BoomerCafé.com Co-Founders David Henderson (left) and Greg Dobbs.

BoomerCafé.com Co-Founders David Henderson (left) and Greg Dobbs.

We felt … and still do … that the leading organization that claims to speak for our generation, AARP, focuses on selling insurance and spotlighting celebrities in its printed publications and online. We’ve always been about spotlighting the stories, lives, and achievements of baby boomers.

In that context, take this as an open invitation to you to share your stories and photos … and become involved in the community.

If you’re interested, please click on “story submissions” at the top of this page.

David Henderson
Publisher and Co-Founder,


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  1. I love your site, friendly and supportive and it has been a pleasure to send articles to you. I remember the one I sent a little over a year ago about a new literary genre aimed at Baby Boomers; it got a huge amount of attention, I was very happy! At the time I had just founded a group in Goodreads to discuss “Boomer Lit” and thanks to you, a lot more people learned about it and joined.

    I think this is a great place to share news and one’s experiences as a Baby Boomer entering the third act in our lives, with a very different approach to aging from that of our parents. And that approach needs to be documented and Boomer Café is the perfect webside to do it and with the right audience, I highly recommend it.

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