The upshot of a long career at its end

Some of us need a thousand words to express what BoomerCafé’s Poet-In-Residence, Harriet Shenkman of Westchester, New York, can express in a few short lines. This poem for BoomerCafé is called The Upshot … the upshot of a long career at its end.
The upshot of a long career at its end

Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman

After thirty-five years of arms to the axle,
what’s the upshot?

Someone said the reward’s in the doing.
Was it Wordsworth or Emily Dickinson?
You can’t remember.

After you retire, the door slams shut.
Your replacement is a spry, cheery, hormonal young
thing, coating your work with a new gloss.

You are presented with a Tiffany stick pin
to flaunt by the pool, though you never liked to swim.

Better yet, you are given a silver clock so as not
to be late.

For what?

That’s what you have oodles of time to figure out.
Harriet’s new book “Teetering” comes out from Finishing Line Press in June.

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  1. I’m still trying to figure it out and I’m not even retired. The “cheery, hormonal young things” do tend to get on my last nerve from time to time. Truly, this IS the cosmic joke!

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