Five reasons why Baby Boomers should use Twitter

Well, some of us at BoomerCafé (we won’t mention Greg’s name here) have been put to shame by a fellow baby boomer from Syracuse, New York, named Mary Anne Hahn. And all because some of us (again, no names here) haven’t exactly jumped into the Twittersphere. What Mary Anne preaches is, there are Five Reasons Why Boomers Should Try To “Get” Twitter.

“I don’t get Twitter,” I often hear that from fellow baby boomers — people who might otherwise “get” everything from quantum physics to multi-dimensional social issues, and have seen more technological advances during their lifetimes than any preceding generation. Yet these very same people come to a curmudgeonly halt at the very mention of tweets and hashtags. They almost wear the “I don’t get Twitter” phrase like some sort of baby boomer badge of honor.

Mary Anne Hahn

Mary Anne Hahn

Well, I’m here to tell you, as a girl who vaguely remembers Howdy Doody and “The Donna Reed Show,” and who still owns (and plays) 45s, I do “get” Twitter. And I think everyone who doesn’t at least try diving in to the “Twittersphere” is missing out, for a multitude of reasons. I’ll give you five of them:

  1. Twitter isn’t exactly newfangled anymore. In fact, born in 2006, Twitter almost ranks as one of the granddaddies of social media as we know it today. It also remains one of the most popular platforms, with an estimated 135,000 new accounts opening every day.
  2. Twitter hashtags (you know, those ubiquitous #s) can connect you with people around the country and even the globe who are as passionate about any topic as you are. For example, I hopped on Twitter and watched the last presidential debates using <#debate>, and found a lively conversation on there. I also use hashtags to connect with other fans of my favorite sports teams, to connect with other writers, and to pick up marketing tips for my business.
  3. Speaking of business, if you own one or run one, Twitter can serve as an effective tool for driving people to your website and, ultimately, to your front door. Plus, your competitors are probably already tweeting. Not to mention current and potential customers.
  4. Also pertaining to business, a lot of the companies you deal with have Twitter accounts, and tweeting is a great way to get their attention. Can’t get through to them on the phone? Give ‘em a tweet. Not happy with a product or service? Let them know in 140 characters orfewer. There’s an excellent chance you’ll hear back from them faster than a speeding bullet.
  5. And from a non-business perspective, Twitter can be an excellent source of links to interesting articles, connections with other boomers, amusing one-liners and inspirational quotes— it’s a one stop, never-ending hodgepodge of all that is fun and interesting on the internet.


If you’ve read this far, and are now feeling even a little Twitter-curious, why not open your own free account (it takes seconds) or dust off the one you opened and abandoned years ago? I’ll meet you on Twitter!

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  1. I was one of the “I don’t get Twitter” brigade and I am not really sure that I get it yet but signed up for business purposes as Mary Anne suggests and I have even re-tweeted this article. Join up and you might just get to understand what it is all about and if you do please let me know.



  2. Thanks for the article! I am one of those people that really do not understand Twitter, but I signed up and am tweeting away, although I am not not sure about what I am doing or if anyone hears me tweeting. I will however, keep tweeting until as they say, I get it right.

  3. I’m 64 and have been a business owner since 1980. My BA which I got in 1971 is in English – no computer courses but after teaching elementary school until 1980, I started one of the first Apple computer dealerships in Toronto and went on from there. I call myself a “super user” so “getting” and using twitter was easy for me 🙂

  4. Thank you for this feature. I’ve been tweeting for about 5 years now. I caught up with some friends, and also made a few new ones along the way. It can be great fun if you use it wisely. I do scratch my head in wonderment at some of the stuff on there though!

    I shared your post by the way 🙂

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