Images of a parent’s mystery from a boomer poet

Almost all the time, BoomerCafé publishes prose. But once a month, we’re delighted to show off the talents of a boomer who has become our Poet-In-Residence, Harriet Shenkman of Westchester, New York. She has just put out a book called “Teetering,” which is full of images like Mother’s Mystery, which you’re about to read!

Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman

a heady whiff of
Silent Night toilet water

the dotted black veil
to her rouged cheeks

lips painted deep rose
intimating secret tastes

fake pearl earrings pasted
in a flower shape

Shenkman_Harriet_Covermidnight black seams
disappearing into her skirt

the soft smell of
her mouton coat

her missing big toe
hinting of disaster

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