A boomer reflects on the halcyon days of his life

The tough winter of 2014 has made BoomerCafé’s Ranter-In-Residence so grumpy that this month, he decided to think positive and see if it helps. It did. He thought about dreaming … and noble goals … and the simple times of our childhood … and so, writing from his home Frederick, Maryland, Carrier Slocomb issues this universal spring-induced challenge to fellow baby boomers: When was the last time you …

It wasn’t too long ago that, out of necessity, I climbed a tree in our yard. You know maples -– there were some dead limbs hung up and more dying branches midway that needed pruning. I didn’t climb too high, though I admit I wanted to, but good sense kicked in before I even left the earth.

Carrier's image of beauty in his life.

Carrier’s image of beauty in his life.

When I was a kid I climbed trees like a squirrel. It was around this time that my mother switched from wine to Scot’s Whiskey. I remember her ordering me from our yard saying, “Go climb where I don’t have to watch you.” Even today, I find myself looking up into the canopy for a high limb to conquer. My fantasy is that I’d like to be that bold climber I once was, and that’s why I wrote this list. You see, I’m challenging you to make your own list, to do simple inexpensive stuff that might reignite your inner child. So, when was the last time you …

Carrier Slobomb

Carrier Slobomb

  1. Rocketed down a hill on a sled, skis, snowboard, or flying saucer?
  2. Played ping pong, pool, or basketball on a driveway hoop?
  3. Ran a football during a family game, or caught a pass?
  4. Ate fruit off a tree, garden veggies sitting in dirt, or drank clean, cool water from a spring?
  5. Watched a high school musical or stage production?
  6. Asked a friend to hand your spouse or significant other a secret love note?
  7. Built a fire under the stars and listened to the sounds of night?
  8. Ate something good and greasy without any fear of reprisal?
  9. Marched down the street like a toy soldier to the sounds of an imaginary military band?
  10. Treated yourself and your lover to breakfast in bed?
  11. Downloaded the movie “Woodstock” just to find yourself or your likeness in it?
  12. Opened all those boxes of childhood treasures stored in the attic?
  13. Rode a skateboard, scooter, bike, or roller skates?
  14. Held your breath underwater, listening to marine life?
  15. Really poured out the love in your heart to someone close?
  16. Spent days giving your soul-mate your complete, undivided attention?
  17. Gave more than pocket-change to people who really need it? Gave food or help?
  18. Prayed with a passion and then slept your best?
  19. Admitted you were wrong … with no excuses?
  20. Puffed up and smiled for the world to see because you did something really right?
  21. Resolved never to give up the ship no matter what?
  22. Counted clouds on a high blue palate?
  23. Acted nice to someone without looking for any profit in it?
  24. Climbed a tree as far up as your weight allowed?
  25. Left your phone behind for hours because, to you, cell phones don’t exist yet?
  26. Gave more of yourself than you ever have before and given yourself for free?

Think it’s possible? Aw, you know us boomers –– when did we ever stop behaving like kids anyhow? Go ahead and climb!

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  1. A lovely post; it really made me smile. I have an inner child, but feel I need grandchildren as playmates for it. Sadly none are forthcoming.

    I was inspired by your wonderful list however. I’d say its rather a ‘holy grail’ for boomers like us. Let’s go do it. All of it!

  2. Thank you all for your comments, as it’s great to know that, while the body may age, the spirit remains willing. You’re all right there, so soar away!

  3. Terrific post! One thing I can appreciate now is the beauty in that picture, and being willing to slow down and take it all in! Is that from Frederick?

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