How baby boomers can stay fit at home with a home gym

We’re always glad when Bob Merz checks in at BoomerCafé with advice for baby boomers to stay fit, because it does get tougher as the years roll by. This time, it’s advice about The Boomer Home Gym.

Sometimes you just can’t get to the gym. Life gets in the way, especially when you’re a boomer, and the gym takes a back seat to other responsibilities. But your health and fitness should be a huge part of your boomer life! So maybe the home gym can be a great alternative for you.

Bob Merz

Bob Merz

I know what you’re thinking: it takes a lot of space and costs a lot of money. Well, not necessarily so much. For example, body weight exercises can be done in any room. It doesn’t matter if you only have a small amount of space or if you have a spare room, you can have a home gym, and not break the bank.

Let’s first discuss space. You might question why you need to create a home gym area at all. Well, because you need that environment where you think fitness, where you can be focused and uninterrupted. And don’t get hung up on the word “gym.” You can think of it as your “fitness center” when it’s time for working out, and as your office, guest bedroom, or a lot of other things at other times.

Plus, having a dedicated place to exercise will also help you maintain your regular dedicated exercise scheduled time. In fact, with the convenience of proximity, you’ll have eliminated one of the great excuses for not getting fit: “I just couldn’t get there.

merz_home_workout1This is simple really, because you don’t need a great deal of costly equipment. Just look at the body weight exercises in the 50plusPlusFit Online Personal Trainer. Or look at the bands workout, or the dumbbells workouts. All of these exercises and routines are easy to do in an apartment living area. And yes, these can help you lose weight and gain muscle.

But let’s say that space is not an issue for you, but the budget might be. Well, you can get a really good quality exercise bike from a specialty fitness equipment store for as little as $500. Then add an adjustable 3-way bench for $200 and adjustable dumbbells for around $300 and you’ve got a full gym for a grand. Not bad at all! That’s less than the cost of 18 months at some gyms. But let’s say that your current gym is cheaper and the break-even period is 24 months. Still, think of how fit you’ll be in 24 monthswith the convenience of a home gym.


So you can have a much more complete home gym if you have the space and money. And if so, go for it. Get that new treadmill or rower, or one of those terrific functional trainers. You’ll love it!

But regardless of your situation, the cost of your home gym will offset the cost of that gym membership over time and will be way, way lower than the medical expenses you’ll avoid by getting and staying fit. You see, being a boomer and 50plusPlusFit at home is actually quite economical!

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