7 tips for a single baby boomer to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Every once in a while, someone writes something for BoomerCafé that doesn’t necessarily apply exclusively to baby boomers, but certainly does apply to some of us. That’s what we see in this piece from Victoria Howard, known as the Baby Boomer Dating Guru and author of “Dating Over 50.” If despite this time of the year you haven’t yet guessed … it’s about Valentine’s Day, and how to handle it if you’re a boomer, and single.

Friday, February 14 should be a day for lovers. It’s Valentine’s Day: The day when we celebrate getting shot with a love arrow. By Cupid, of course.


Victoria Howard

But what about those people who are single? This can be a lonely and sad day for them. 

But it shouldn’t be!

How to avoid that, or at least try to?

  1. Plan a special date with your friends who also are single.  (You can go to a movie, out to dinner, or go dance.)
  2. Take your best friend out to the park.  (Even start out taking your dog to a park, where you will meet other dog lovers who might be single themselves.)
  3. Volunteer somewhere that day where you will meet others with the same interests: animal shelter, charity, maybe a hospital.  ( Not only will you meet others who have the same interest but it will make you feel good about yourself .)
  4. Have a movie night with friends.  (Rent or stream a movie, make a bowl of popcorn.)
  5. Thank God for your blessings!!  (Get over feeling sorry for yourself and quit the pity party.)
  6. And remember, you might be alone but are probably happier than most couples.
  7. But don’t forget: if you’re gonna play in the rain, you better wear a raincoat!”  🙂


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