Baby boomers in search of adventure might write a book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? As a baby boomer, you might now have the time you never had before. That’s what happened to Ria Stone of Silver Spring, Maryland (and nowadays, Yucatan, Mexico), who turned out not just one book, but two. So her recipe for adventure is, write a book.

Have you ever thought of writing a book? Has anyone ever said, “You Should Write a Book?” I suggest considering the idea.

Author Ria Stone.

Author Ria Stone.

Writing a book can be an exciting adventure. It can be hard work, a time of discovery, and an education. It can reap treasured memories, new friends, and introduce you to new worlds.

After being prematurely retired, I moved to Mexico where I found time to appreciate life. After six months, it dawned on me, “I have time to write that novel I always wanted to write.”

So, in 2011, I began the process. It involved a lot of research but I like to do research. After comparing traditional and self-publishing options, I choose to self-publish as an eBook.

After two years of writing, rewriting, researching, going to writers’ conferences, joining writers’ groups, meeting and chatting with other authors in person and online, and working with an editor and several ‘beta readers,’ I published Gina’s Dream late last year.

What an adventure! What an education! Because Gina’s Dream was a science-fiction/romance, I went to several science-related websites and studied various aspects of astronomy and space flight.

In other attempts to make the story real, I researched restaurants and their menus so that when my characters went out to eat, the menu choices would be authentic.

[Check out Ria Stone’s book, Recipes from the Kitchen of a Frugal Non-Cook, at]

I studied weather and seasons, biology, and more.

There were many details to handle, like new software applications I had to learn to use quickly. I would feel a sense of accomplishment when I successfully used a new application or completed a process.

Then, while researching ways to promote my novel, I came across the idea of offering something free on my website: an eCookbook. What a great idea! I had an old cookbook I started years ago. This would be a great time to resurrect it. So I did.

Creating, writing, researching, and formatting recipes for the eCookbook was just as exciting as creating the novel. The only drawback was, I think I gained ten pounds re-testing recipes.

My eCookbook, Recipes from the Kitchen of a Frugal Non-Cook, was written for those (like me) who feel like aliens in the kitchen.

Letting family and friends know about the publication of my eCookbook sparked many wonderful memories of past dishes and meals. My family is even talking about creating a family cookbook. I inspired friends to consider writing that cookbook or novel that they too had been wanting write.

Writing and publishing sparked wonderful conversations and stories. And I met many wonderful people. I learned so much. The experience exceeded my expectations and more.

Creating the eCookbook was so much fun, I am working on another one.

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  1. Fun read, quite a jolly experience and congrats on your cook book, great idea! But there are some 75 million Baby Boomers, with 10,000 going into retirement every week (or is it every day? I don’t remember, but the statistic is enormous!) Imagine that many books! I’m an avid reader, but I sincerely hope that not everyone jumps into self-publishing!

    1. Hi Claude:

      Thanks for your wonderful comments. But, guess what you don’t have read all the self-published books authors write, just the ones you want to read.

      Within one hour from the time I self-published my book, 100 other authors published new works and this was on just one self-publishing site. Indie authors can also publish on Amazon and other online retail sites, so thousands of eBooks are being published every day.

      You may not be aware but many well-known authors were originally self-published like John Grisham.

      If you feel you have a “book” in you, I say go for it. While frustrating at times, I recommend “write that book!”

  2. Bravo Ria ! this is avvesome ! so happy for you
    Hovv can I get your book though?
    you still live at the same place ? renting a casita next to vvhere the girls used to live ?
    you are so so resourceful and so full of hope and life. I knovv a good deal of vvomen here vvho should follovv your example instead of gulping dovvn alcohol and anti depressants/ anxiolitic pills ! vvhen they did not have to face half of vvhat life brought to you.
    I am really thankful I got to share a bit of time vvith you, hope our paths might cross again !

  3. Hi Beni:

    Wonderful, you found me.

    I moved and so did Sylvia. Email me.

    Thank you for such positive comments. You can find a link to my book on my blog.

    I often think about you and wonder how you are doing in Puerto Vallarta.

    I hope you are doing well and that business is good.

    I, too, am glad I meet you. You are beautiful, intelligent and resourceful. I finally went to the “pink” seafood restaurant where you got the ceviche — it’s a great place.

    Take care, keep in touch.

    1. Hi Mr. Gallagher:

      Thanks for the reply.

      I read your article about your book, Tsunami Connection. Yes, I can tell you have many stories to tell. My article barely touched upon all the wonderful experiences I had researching, writing and promoting my book.

      I see your book is on Amazon. I will check it out.

      Do you have a blog or website?

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