A poem to bring perspective to holiday gift giving

It seems appropriate in this holiday season to put the barrage of gifts into perspective. That’s what BoomerCafé’s award-winning Poet-In-Residence, baby boomer Harriet Shenkman, does with her newest piece, Best Gift.

Harriet Shenkman

Harriet Shenkman

My favorite drawing is of a three-legged camel

created by a grand girl

who insists the picture is of three camels.

The two-humped creature (solid black humps)

stands under a fierce sun, rays beckoning

toward three scalloped white clouds.

The grinning dromedary is ready, ears alert, for

a wild party or a pail of figs,

all there is to know contained in the rendering,

the artist’s name in bold capital letters

straight up and declaring itself.



  1. Ah, the joy of grandchildren. Just finished an email to a friend who is visiting Lisbon. The very country which was called Pork-u-gel by my dancing Irish grands!

    Enjoy the holiday respite. (?)

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