Learning the importance of renewal … for yourself and in relationships

How do we as baby boomers keep from getting stale? Dr. Don Weinhouse of San Diego has a book that deals with just that; it’s called “The Boomers’ Guidebook to More Joyous Living: Twenty Positive Approaches to Life after Fifty.” Here’s an excerpt about renewing yourself and your relationships.

Why is RENEWING important?

The trials and tribulations of everyday life can cause serious wear and tear on your being, unless special attention is paid to personal renewal. With a focused effort to counteract drains and strains, the chances are dramatically enhanced that the passing years will bless you with diminished stress, a deeper understanding of self and your place in the universe, continuously improving professional skills, closer relationships with loved ones, and fewer health concerns than might otherwise have occurred.

Dr. Don Weinhouse

Dr. Don Weinhouse

No matter your age, you can reach and surpass goals and continue to mature and develop as a son or daughter, mother or father, friend, artist, worker, spiritual being, and thinker.

Few aspects of life remain unchanged over time. The surest path to making those changes positive is the path of personal renewal.

How to RENEW?

Let’s begin with your body, the capsule you inhabit. Good physical health requires constant vigilance. Make sure you have the following in your daily life: regular exercise, proper diet, adequate relaxation and sleep, and deep rhythmic breathing. All must be attended to, regularly and thoughtfully. Each, in its own way, renews and makes you better prepared to face life.

Whereas maintaining a healthy body is important, of equal, or perhaps even greater importance is taking care of your psychological and spiritual health. When life pulls you down, do something to combat it. Act, rest, run, pray, play; take ten minutes andclose your eyes; spend ten days on a beach or mountaintop.

Another positive and efficient method of psychological renewal is to analyze or discuss with a friend or counselor what’s going on in your mind, and if a change seems like a good idea, determine what approaches you could employ.

For most, an important component of psychological and spiritual health is relationships: caring about and being cared for, helping and being helped, loving and being loved. The web of loved ones with whom your life is intertwined can provide an abundant source of physical, psychological, and spiritual nutrition.

Besides renewing your physical, psychological, and spiritual self, and relationships with others, you should also consider your work and make every effort to seek continued growth there as well. No matter how competent a receptionist, attorney, coach, maintenance worker, or police officer you are, you can be better. This can be accomplished through reflective practice, reading, classes, observing others, asking for and responding to feedback, or any one of a dozen other approaches. The personal and professional gains derived from improving your skills almost always outweigh the required investment of time or money. The key is to continue to grow, to improve.

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