How a baby boomer’s “best moments” change with age

The older we baby boomers get, the more “best moments” we have. That’s surely the case for professional writer and “midlife crisis queen” Laura Lee Carter.

I was watching the news last night, and saw a story about how one writer put out a request on Twitter for his followers to send him pictures of their “best moment.”

Apparently he was inundated with hundreds of photos of babies being born, weddings, reunions, and many other momentous moments.



This got me to thinking, and it wasn’t long before I realized there is NO WAY I could choose just one best moment! Certainly not after over 50 years as a baby boomer!

Shows you how young those other “best moment” people really are! And, by the way, many of my best moments have occurred since I turned 50!

The memories that stand out most for me now are those like the day more than eight years ago, when I finally met the man of my dreams…. at age 49! Now that was a day to remember.

We met online, NOT through the dating service I had started. In fact, I joined to gather more clients for my own offline dating service, but I ended up meeting just the right life partner online.

I admit it. I was spying on him as he drove up in his shiny red pick-up truck that day. He then bounced up to my door with a big bouquet of flowers in his hands. By the way, here’s a hint for midlife men: flowers are a great touch when you want to impress.

Writer Laura Lee Carter and friend.

Writer Laura Lee Carter and friend.

Or how about the day I decided to switch careers and finally do what I love for the rest of my life. That felt plenty risky, but I went for it anyway. Today, eight years later, I wake up every day ready to write blog posts, and even a few books about how midlife is the very best time to begin living your very best life ever!

Previous moments, like completing my various degrees, falling in love in my twenties, and my first marriage, pale before the wonderful experiences I have had since I finally decided to do what I want to do instead of what I “should” be doing.

Somewhere between my divorce and the loss of my career as an academic librarian at age 49, I changed my mind, and now it works better! It somehow seemed worth the risk to begin to live my life according to this saying: There is no past, there is no future, there is only this moment.

My advice to you: Seize the day! Fill today with your best moments ever. Who knows what tomorrow may bring …


  1. This rings so true, spend more time with those you love and never put work before family….my best moments were those spent with family and my parents in particular. But entering my 50s without them has made some moments very sad and challenging. Cherish every day. Wendy

  2. Hi Laura!
    It’s always a pleasure to read of you on boomercafe. I agree totally with you, we have to seize the day and to keep in mind previous bad times to enjoy good times.
    I read your book “Find Your Reason To Be Here” and I like it.
    Richard Sander (France)

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