A Boomer’s Travel Views Start Early in Life

Most advertisers might ignore our baby boomer demographic, but boomers themselves know better. That’s why we were intrigued when we heard about the idea of a travel-based website for boomers. We asked its founder, Liz Dahl, to write about her Travel Views From the Fun Side of Fifty.

What to do when you’re an entrepreneur, love to travel, and need something new to excite you? You start a travel information website for Baby Boomers!

Always in motion - Liz Dahl, founder of the Boomer Travel Patrol.

Always in motion – Liz Dahl, founder of the Boomer Travel Patrol.

You might say travel is in my blood because my family migrated across the sea to the United States when I was a baby, with no knowledge of the English language and nothing but the clothes on our backs.

My father was a concentration camp survivor and when he and my mother were reunited after the war, we lived in a Displaced Person’s Camp in Germany. My father was Polish, my mother Hungarian, and I spoke baby talk.

We made a life for ourselves in the U.S. and I was encouraged to follow my heart and my passions. That led to several very interesting careers, one of which was owning a travel agency.

But life then took me down a different path and I ended up with my own public relations firm. But travel never left my blood and I continued to make travel arrangements for friends as a sideline.

Liz Dahl as a child with her parents heading for America years ago from war-torn Europe.

Liz Dahl as a child with her parents heading for America years ago from war-torn Europe.

I realized after quite some time that most of the people calling me for travel help were in my age group: Baby Boomers. I always found such interesting and exciting places to which to send them because advertisers almost always cater only to the 18-49 demographic and leave us Boomers out of the “fun” stuff.

Enter the idea of a Boomer Travel Patrol. I had numerous friends in a variety of places who were accomplished in their careers and also loved to travel, so why not share our experiences and insights with others? I made sure that all the Patrol members were born between the years1946 and 1964 so that I could be true to the brand.

I also teamed with a fellow Baby Boomer, Don Anderson, as a partner on the IT side of things and ended up making his dog Susie our Pet Patrol. Since Don is a Boomer, it made Susie legitimate.

Boomer_Travel_PatrolThere are currently eight members of the Boomer Travel Patrol with a contest in the works to see who will be the next Cruise Patrol. We also have a Guest Patrol slot to cover the areas the rest of us don’t.

We have destination information from around the world, daily news feed updates, videos, and the ability for our website visitors to Share Their Knowledge. It’s free, it’s fun and you can participate.

There is so much to explore and as Boomers, we have the time, energy, and means to see what the world has to offer and find newplaces to check off our bucket lists.

Check out the Boomer Travel Patrol.


  1. Liz,

    You are so much fun. You’re a great example of a boomer chick who has had success in more than one career… and now you’re adding a new phase – a cool website.
    Tina ps You don’t look like you were having much fun on your first Atlantic crossing. I’m sure you’ve become much fonder of life at sea.

  2. What a great idea! Everyone I know is hunting for unique, personalized travel experiences. The Boomer Squad members sound like folks who’d be great to travel with. Thanks, Liz–and good luck!


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