What if Boomers Were to Live Forever? Blessing or Curse?

Here at BoomerCafé we are fond of boomer authors … and Claude Nougat personifies that. She writes, she promotes other writers, and she has a new book that fits right into the mold: 2213:Forever Young. Click through, and you might just download a free copy!

Imagine a future when thanks to genetic manipulations, you would look young all your life until you drop dead. A blessing or a curse?

Author Claude Nougat

Author Claude Nougat

This question has been haunting me for several years now — no doubt because, as so many boomers, I am facing my own aging and have to take care of my elderly mother who will be 100 years old this year.

She is doing remarkably well with her mind intact, she enjoys reading one new novel every week on her Kindle, butdaily life is not easy. What is routine to us is a chore for her. So I began to dream of a future where medical science had solved the problem of aging, saving us from the discomforts and diseases of the elderly.

It’s a safe bet that 200 years from now we’ll have a fully-functioning technology for staying young. And it is also likely that it will be tremendously expensive. With our current economic system, technical advances, even when they cost little to produce (like contact lenses or aspirin), reach the market at very high prices. And stay that wayeven when the cost of production has dropped dramatically. Because, so the Big Corporations tell us, of the need to finance research. Whatever the reason,this means that only the ultra-rich will have access to the benefits of scientific progress.

It means you will have a few people looking young all their lives while the rest of humanity continues to age visibly and suffer the indignities of old age. How will Society address such differences that will appear as inequities at best, as tragedies at worst?

KDP cover Part One very light versionThis is the world that 2213:Forever Young, a serial novel explores. In Part One, I Will Not Leave You Behind, the main character, a beautiful 122-year-old woman who is a member of the Age Prevention Program and doesn’t look a day older than twenty, discovers she only has 12 hours to live. But she’s madly in love with a young and dashing ski instructor who doesn’t know how old she is because she never dared tell him, lest their love would vanish. What will she do now?

In Part Two, You Will Not Take My Place, the inequities resulting from the Age Prevention Program are further explored— in this case, a dramatic fight explodes as one member of the Program tries to pass on his place to the woman he loves at the expense of his own daughter, the rightful heir.

The book is listed by Amazon as “hard science fiction,” an accurate category for a tough, emotion-laden story based on a highly probable projection into the future of current trends in science and society.


For your free copy of Part One, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU BEHIND click here.
To get for just 99 cents Part Two, YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY PLACE click here.

Since it is a serial novel, each part may be read independently although it is preferable to read them in sequence. Each episode explores different facets of our future, in the vein of 1984, Clockwork Orange or WOOL, as a way to examine the issues we are facing today.


  1. So happy to be here on Boomer Café and very grateful for the support! With your help, I think this promo will be a success, today is the LAST day and I checked this morning Forever Young’s ranking on Amazon:

    #1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Science Fiction > Adventure

    Victory dance! Well I’m still #229 in the “Free in Kindle Store” list – a good ways away from the “top 100” – and of course the rankings change through the day, so it’s like life, nothing is ever certain – but we boomers know all about life, right? Still this is an auspicious start of the day and I do hope that everyone of you who downloads the book today with enjoy it and have a thought for this boomer author…

    1. I have already downloaded Part 1 and will download Part 2 when I finish with my early morning emails. This is SUCH an intriguing concept, Claude, and it takes the whole Boomer Lit concept a step further! I look forward to reading both parts of your new series because your writing is always first rate!

      1. Thanks so much Marsha, I am really grateful for the support. It’s always a special moment when a writer can link up with readers, especially when it concerns someone like you who as a talented writer in your own right, can appreciate good writing.

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