The Market for Books For and About Boomers is Exploding!

Late last year, BoomerCafé published a piece by Claude Nougat, who predicted that baby boomer literature — in which we are at the heart of the story — would be the Next Big Genre. Well, check out her Goodreads Group and you’ll see, she was right. And now she has another novel out there herself: A Hook in the Sky. It’s the story of a retiree-turned-artist … to the dismay of his much younger wife, but to the delight of his own mother, who is unhappy only about the wife’s less-than-enthusiastic embrace of her husband’s choice.

Author Claude Nougat

Author Claude Nougat

“This is very serious, Robert. I’m your mother, remember? I can see what’s happening to your marriage. You’re allowing your wife to convince you that what you do is worthless.”

“Nonsense. Kay’s tastes are different from yours and mine. That’s all.”

“Oh, but it’s not just a matter of taste! The problems between you run much deeper than that! I’m an old woman, I have experience. I see what I see…”

“In that case, just keep your eyes shut, will you?”

“Robert, don’t get mad at me. I’m not the problem, your wife is! And you know it.”

“Maman, there is one thing I do know: you wanted to have grandchildren and we have disappointed you on that score. But that’s no reason to take it out on Kay! It’s not her fault!”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t be so certain. No one in our family has ever been sterile. The problem could easily be on her side! After all, she’s an only child.”

La femme objet premier stage 2007 (Create Space)“So am I! It doesn’t mean anything. Just stop it.”

Her eyes widened as if she wanted to convey something important and didn’t know how. Then she did something very theatrical. She plunged to the floor,taking hold of his ankle. Crouching at his feet, she held his leg in both hands. “Now, try walking!” She said.

“What do you mean?”

“Try walking, I tell you! Come on, push that leg forward!”

He didn’t try hard, not wanting to hurt her, but he felt his leg straining against her hands.

“See? You’re slowed down! You can’t walk. That’s what Kay does to you!”

The next day she flew back to Paris.


  1. I hope readers will enjoy this excerpt and I must thank Boomer Café’s dynamic editors for giving me the opportunity to post it here, I’m very grateful. I would just like to add the link to the Goodreads Group discussing Boomer lit:

    At this point, we are already 288 members – in just 4 months since the group was started (by me). Come and visit, join the debate about Boomer lit, you’ll find over 70 boomer novels on the Group’s bookshelf. We’d love to see you there!

  2. As an author and member of the “Boomer Lit 288” on Goodreads, I would like to thank Claude for her tireless efforts to promote this new genre. Even in our 50s and 60s, we boomers continue to blaze a new path. Baby Boomers have experienced so much, and now we’re fearlessly writing about what it feels like to move forward with vibrant humor, deep emotion, and passion. What better way to leave a legacy than in print? I urge everyone to check out this group of wonderful authors on

    Thank you BoomerCafe for providing us with a megaphone!

    Courtney Pierce
    STITCHES – A Novel

  3. Hi Claude,
    I’ve written a book about my boomer experiences and reflections–“Aging Beats the Alternative and a Sense of Humor Helps.” It started as an eBook and is now also available as a paperback on Amazon. May I join your group?
    Lorie Eber

    1. Lorie, we’d LOVE to have you on board! The Group is open and now we’re about 300 members – you’ll find it a very congenial place: you can discuss Boomer lit and say what you think, join in the monthly read discussion threads and put up your book for consideration by the Group (we run a poll to select titles to read), hop on the Boomer Lit Friday Blog Hop and more!

      Here’s the link:

  4. It’s not everyday I (author and travel writer) make a discovery as exciting as Boomer Lit! After accidentally running into the first article I’m out exploring, so was happy to find the Boomer Cafe as a good starting point. Thanks for the tip on the novel and on the GoodReads discussion group.

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